Top 5 Reasons Why Love Is Scarier Than You Think!

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In life, young people have always been dreaming to find their love somehow and then everything will just be "great" as they think.

The truth is, that love can be scarier way more than people tend to think.

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#1: Your love can be someone unexpected

You may have been dreaming to find your perfect man/woman but you may be surprised to meet someone you like who isn't even close to what you imagined your love will look like. Therefore you may feel a bit scary about this relationship, but once you change your mind about the look of your love, you will forget about the fake imagination you had before.

#2: Love includes fights

Not everyone is ready to fight his love (Without punches LOL). All the healthy relationships between couples include fights within them because both sides in relationships can never agree on the same things all the time. If you think that you won't fight with your love then you are wrong!

#3: Love can end badly

A relationship between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can be cut at once and it can hurt both sides a lot. You have to be prepared before entering a relationship that there is always a chance (which can be very low) to the end of the relationship.

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#4: You don't know how your family will react

In most cases, your family and close friends have a huge impact on your life.
Let's imagine it for a moment: You found a new boyfriend/girlfriend and you don't know what your family and friends will feel and tell you about your new relationship (Scary, isn't it?). However, I strongly believe that if you love someone then you should not let other people tell you what to do, even if they hate your couple.

#5: Relationship demands a lot "FREE TIME" of yours

When you are in a relationship you will notice very fast that you have way less time for yourself, which is a critical thing for many people. You have to be ready to sacrifice a part of your free time in favor of your relationship in order to have a healthy one.

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Love is truly a scary thing, you have so many new things to discover in your new relationship. However, love is the most beautiful thing in our world. That's why you have to keep calm and try not to be afraid of love at all!

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Well done, this is life
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

The time thing is main issue for me, I want to hustle yet GF want go eat some food, watch movie...
Balance is key :)

Why love when you could lose, why lose what you would love

i find true love she loves me soo much :)


Wow, this is amazing, @jassi!

It isn’t the easiest thing in life to find love. Amazing partners don’t grow on trees. True love is magical and mythical and elusive, and few of us have experienced true love.

We all search for the state of euphoria that true love provides. We search high and low. We search far and wide.

The journey to true love is very hard. It’s filled with heartbreak, deceit and loss of both faith and hope. But one day, maybe, we will summit the peak of understanding. Love will hit us like an epiphany, and we will the best understanding how the world works.

True love will make you feel like you finally understand everything. No matter how crazy, how stupid, hectic and random the world may be, it will suddenly make sense. You will understand that everything has an order.


Wow, thanks for that meaningful comment, @ebado! Well said!


Yea.. Thanks bro


Chin up buddy, just dont get into the same trap again! Pick for personality traits over looks!

Hello @lazariko12, do you know the #lovefriday tag?
It's one year old today and I guess this post would fit there!


I don't know this tag, but I have just added this tag. Thanks, @rmach!

As for me, love is a wonderful thing with the right person.. the fights and disagreement are among the things that makes it wonderful. When u find the right person, u will know.


I agree with you on it, @burktrey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Yes love is scary because it explores unknown territories. People just choose to see the scary part But if you check closely you will realize that it is scary and exciting at the same time.

Beautiful article!! For me love got less scary, the moment i realized i can never get a perfect relationship ,but can make my imperfect relationship perfect.

The greatest cause of fear is fear. We need to wipe away that fear and love won' t seem so scary.

Love is the best gift we can ever have.


"Love is the best gift we can ever have".

I agree with you on it, thanks for commenting @elsieguy!

That free time thing is indeed true. Nice one.

Insightful sir @lazariko12. Everything u mentiones is what makes love love. The unveiling of the unexpected, the constant fights, the heart break and the unknown future are the components of love that makes the journey an experience some fail through this journey but no one gives up on love. Scary is the new Love. Nice post sir


Wow, thank you so much, @josefpius ;)


No thank you for sharing

Amazing love story its so funny your story is very different , i like it , keep it up ...

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @lazariko12

Follow my blog @powerupme


I am so amazed to receive so many supportive comments on my posts, @powerupme! Thanks! I have just followed you.

Wow nice post about love, this is the first time i visited your blog very nice to read this, followed you,thanks.


I really appreciate your support, @tangera!

@lazariko12 thanks for your superb post. I love my family their love me unconditionally but except their, there loves me conditionally. That's why girlfriends love is not 100% pure. Isn't it?


Exactly. But I think that any love can't be 100% pure. This is just how the world works.

Love is a beautiful thing... Don't miss it because you are too scared to try, because if you miss out of love, you've missed out on the most important part of life
Let love rule always.
Thanks for sharing @lazariko12

Nice post. Thanks for sharing

A good one thanks for sharing


Thank you for your support @classico!

at the stage of of true love when u think this is only person in this world which i love the most .. but wrong you deserve better then that .. it reality if u love someone and u give respect he or she didn't care about your feeling ... that reality i think arrange marriage is good :Pmain-qimg-0672dfbd6395f509b79107ebf0d2dac2.jpg

that's great

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In spite of all that, who does not want to fall in love? I think part of my love for life is due to my love of books. I have experienced everything, and I can assure you that there is nothing better than being in the arms of the person you love.

cool post benger, I really like the beautiful me once ya fella.

No matter, how scarier love is. We can not stop loving people. Love was in the very beginning of the world, and it will remain to the end of the world. Love makes us alive.

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Great post @lazarico12👍
Most of your posts are great too.

I've come to believe that LOVE IS LIKE DIRTY WATER

Let me know what you think about that too... 👍

That looks like a funny movie

I love this article!
Love is sweet when it's not rushed and there's understanding, most people think love is about kisses and mere words like, I love my love it's actually beyond that, I grew up knowing, things that last long shouldn't be/is not rushed.

We men are mostly busy so the time there may not be much for us to spend and women should understand that we are always busy and maybe tired

But hey -
Love can make life wonderful!