Why You Should Stop Being Lazy!

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The issue of laziness is widely discussed these days. There are basically two main kinds of people; People who put efforts in everything they do in their day-to-day lives and people who don't. Those people are called "Lazy" people. This can be because of their ideology, or just without any reason.

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How lazy are people different from everyone?

Let's come to think about it; Lazy people always do things but not complete them 100%. When lazy people will be asked to do things they will not do it correctly even though they are aware of this fact, but they just don't care enough to do the task correctly.

For example, if a lazy guy will be asked to arrange a messed room, then he will just make it look like it is arranged even though it is not, while the unlazy guy will put everything in the right place and arrange the room perfectly just because of his perspective.

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Why is laziness bad to you?

If you start to give up to yourself even on the smallest things like putting your keys in the right place at home, then it will start to spread out to the big things which will make you a lazy person.
That is why you should do everything perfectly and finish every task you have to do, Just like in the army.

People in the society appreciate a lot those who put efforts in everything they do. This basically means that you are a serious person and everyone will want to work with such a person like you.


Laziness is a bad thing which can hurt your life badly and can cause you not to have a good job. Those who are the opposite of lazy are very appreciated in the society because of their big efforts.

Don't forget to do everything with your whole hurt at 100%!

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Very interesting write up. I think that one of the causes of laziness is lack of ambition. You can hardly see an ambitious person staying idle; he/she will always be busy chasing their dreams. Lazy people only wishes for things to happen, they don't push themselves to make things happen


This is so true. Thank you so much for your meaningful comment, @resuscitate!

Being "lazy" simply means that, for whatever reason, you've made the rational evaluation that the energy necessary to do a task is greater than the reward you'd get from the task.

In some cases, that can be because someone's ability to reason about cost and reward is impaired, due to mental disabilities like depression. In other cases, it may be because the work they're expected to do simply doesn't align with their priorities in life. "Laziness" can even be a form of resistance against power in some cases—why should someone exhaust themselves putting 110% effort into making thousands of Big Macs every day, just to make the shareholders of McDonald's richer?

In any case... one thing that definitely doesn't make people any less "lazy"? Telling them what horrible and worthless people they are.


Ding Ding we have a winner! lol you are right! There is no right or wrong way to live either, everyone will have there own opinion what is best. There is no right or wrong opinion.


I agree with you @nleseul. We have to tell those people the truth. Thanks for the great comment.

Exactly my thought!
I think laziness stems from 'procrastination' when you learn to stop or reduce how much you procrastinate, then you're on your way to defeating laziness.

Nice article by the way.


Thanks a lot, @dohyn!

Great job! Laziness in the long run makes one feel worthless.

People won't have regard for you, because they perceive you as being self centered and selfish. At the end, you lose your self esteem.

Nothing comes easy, but with effort and determination, you can conquer even the worst imaginable weakness.

Overcoming laziness, means taking actions more and not procrastinating. Develop the right attitude, be motivated and give of yourself .


What an amazing comment, @elsieguy!


Thanks! Your post was informative and well thought out.


I love this post. I've always called myself the Great Procrastinator while not admitting to my laziness. Some how I've overcome it, but now somedays I feel like I'm going to collapse from trying to put too much into 18 hours.


I understand how you feel, @quiplet. This is an outstanding job! But don't forget to take a rest sometimes ^^

laziness is just sooo bad.
thanks for this post


You are welcome, @lokneminder. Thank you so much for reading! :)

lo mas triste de todo es como lo colocas tu en esas palabras, aunque son fuertes son muy ciertas. las personas aparte de su mal desorden tienen un mal carácter, esto es porque no tienen paz interna ni en su entorno

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While fighting with my cat:))

On the other hand, I think people who are lazy is more creative. They think of a great way to get things done quickly so they can rest :)


Hahaha, actually, I guess you are right. There are pros and cons for being lazy ;)


of course :)

I agree but sometimes it is good to be lazy or play lazy in order not to be taken advantage of LOL!!!


Hahaha, well said. 😎

characteristic of such person is characteristic of people who are not successful, they just want a good life

My cat :)

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