Fighting Fears: Reveal the real you

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Have you ever wondered why you are struggling the whole time and not being able to recover from thousand times of lemons being thrown at you? Perhaps asking yourself why you are suffering like everyday is one confusing and devastating battle of thoughts in your mind? The pain is mutual.

I am not a writer, to be honest. I don't usually write articles or blogs. I don't speak too much but I overthink a million times. This is my first time to write an article. I don't know if I can help people motivate themselves by writing; I just felt the necessity to burst all these thoughts came rushing in.


"Don't be mad if there are things that you can't do; be mad if you can't try to do the things you thought you can't."

This blog is about you being so mad of the world. You feel like you are right and everybody in the world are wrong. You feel so perfect. You feel like you deserve more compared to others because you are a stage breaker. You always own the eyes of the crowd because you feel like you are a queen and everyone are your slaves. You are famous. Very popular. One that is not just as bright as a star but a meteorite. One that people should praise and compliment because you are flawless. You walk in the streets with your ever confident aura and the waves of your limbs are like speaking to every eyes looking at you that you are an absolute. You steal the scenes for others to be aware that you are indefectible, picture-perfect and ideal. Behind all the seamless character you always tell to others, you also judge them for no reason. You criticize. You curse them because you are insecure. You don't want them to be like you because you feel like there is only one unique creature in this universe, and that is you. In other words, you are a walking negative vibe. And sometimes you feel being complete when you do all these things. Unfortunately, the completeness you are feeling is not genuine. And you are worried about being so happy in front of the many, but miserable in the inside. If this is you, and you wanted to change because it's dragging you down and breaking your self into pieces of evil elements, then allow me to tell you why you are feeling this way and how to avoid being oppressed from your own acts.


Accept yourself.
Acceptance is sometimes not easy to do but it's the best way to keep being peaceful deep in your mind and heart. Sometimes you feel like you are upset and crestfallen because you can't do such a thing that you see others can perfectly do it. Stating for example, you crave to have a talent in gymnastics but you just can't bend a single part of your joints in your body and you look like your breaking your own bones. You knew that you can't learn gymnastics in a second but you would die just to have an ability in flexibility. Being a gymnast will take you years to strengthen your skills in performing athletic fields. It will call a lot of efforts and time to sacrifice for your daily practices and physical fitness. Coincidentally, you see this lady who is just so impeccable in showing all the tricks in gymnastics. Here you are again, feeling devastated that you can't do what she can. You feel hopeless but you don't want to lose it. It was and it is not your passion but you pushed yourself to do it. Why? Because you are uncomfortable that there is something that you can't do. You are not God. Nobody is an omniscient one who can do all impossibilities like flying without parachutes and end up alive or eating tons of red chilies without burning intestines. It is not a fault to be imperfect. It is not wrong to not reach some part of your life that is beyond your capabilities. Accept your imperfections, mistakes, and failures because the only way to be genuinely happy is to accept the real you. Fight against insecurities and face all your unaccomplished tasks in life. Do not be afraid. Trust your flawless self. Love the ugly you.


Do not hide from your flaws. Be contented with everything that you have; that includes your imperfections.

Be contented.
The roots of all evil is not money, but discontentment. You are not contented with what you have and you ask for more. You don't care what may happen; you don't worry whether or not it is righteous to do such a thing because your only concern is to have what you don't have. Not giving up of something you wished or dreamed of having is not a problem. But forcing to have such a thing regardless of whether the means of doing it is evil is one big problem. Being contented is another way of saying that you feel fortunate enough to have a feet and pair of slippers rather than killing an innocent vendor and rob the store to look rich and famous with your Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos. You wanted to be fabulous in front of your friends and most probably in the eyes of your enemies. You ramp in the roads and beg for compliments like you are beautiful, rich and lucky to have the most expensive shoes in the world. Was it really luck? Never did they know that you have taken an innocent vendor's life for your precious stilettos. Am I exaggerating with my analogy here? Yes, I am. Mainly because not being contented is the worst root of evil and not even a single law of the land can stop you from doing it specially when you know it ain't hard to rob, steal, kill, lie or do such deadly sins. Try begin with asking yourself if do you deserve what you forced to have in your life. Were you truly happy for yourself, or for others? Mind you, nobody would care with your stilettos. They offer you compliments, but can you guarantee real friends in that perspective? If you are not contented, you are not living your life well. You will miss half of it. You will suffer from your sins, and you will cry for all your wrongdoings in the end. It's not wrong to not have what others have, and it's not bad to not be the someone you desire because you just are not. Why not face in front of the mirror, and ask yourself again. Am I happy? Am I happy for forcing to be? Am I happy for forcing myself to have something just for the sake of showing others that I'm uniquely different from them? Am I happy for throwing what I already have and beg for something I am not sure if it's meant for me? Think of the good things you once had that you never expected to came. They are precious, right? They are outstanding because you were naturally blessed to have it. Think of the beautiful memories you once had. Are they remarkable? Yes, because those are the things that others can't buy. Whatever you have, keep it well with love and praise. Whatever you don't have, work hard for it with all the righteousness.

Stay optimistic.
Being negative is inevitable. Sometimes you curse yourself for being so dumb and foolish. You call yourself useless and imbecile; you condemn yourself just because you are not like any other individuals out there who are praised with their intelligence or being fluent in different kinds of languages and you just are not. Each one of us are unique in our own different ways. We have different capabilities, personalities, skills and perhaps destinies. You don't need to feel discouraged just because you are not an achiever in your class or you can't sing a single note from your favorite song. Ask me why? Because you have a different best in you. You have a talent. Maybe in other fields that you have the desire to do it. If you are not smart then maybe you are talented in dancing, singing, or poetry. You don't have to be everything in this world. It is not an obligation to own all abilities in this planet. You just have to choose what makes you happy. And keeping yourself away from toxins like insecurities will provide you hopes to strengthen the best in you. You don't need others to know what your bests are, you only need to know it for yourself. Being positive at all times will sustain you the good things in life. In that way, you don't have to feel bad about yourself anymore. You just have to take away all the negative vibes in your heart and destroy it, or perhaps just simply avoid it.

Show your true color.
I don't mean colors like pink, red or yellow. It's the color of your soul. Show what's not fake. Whatever obstacles may come or situations may be, do not hide from the person you are not. As much as possible, don't practice being hypocrite. Try to imagine yourself being the person you dreamed to be and not the one that you are. You are like hiding from other persons shadow. There are two reasons why a person is shameful of himself/herself - either he/she is not confident of who the person he/she used to be or he/she would rather steal other people's identity because of his/her past failures and mistakes. Remember, your mistakes do not define who you are and being not confident to yourself will not help you get through life. It will hunt you every midnight. You will keep on denying yourself because you hate it so much. In times like this, you need to be courageous. Life's hardest dilemma includes raising crisis on accepting your own identity. If you think you are as dirty as a mud or as demonic as the worst murderer of all criminals, then think again. Showing who you truly are will gain a lot of blessings in life including friends, love in the family, and pleasurable memories. You will be kept away from regrets and disappointments because you are not afraid to show the true colors of your rainbow.


Think that God is looking at you.

Think that He is there. From Chronicles 22:13, "Then you will have success if you are careful to observe the decrees and laws that the Lord gave to Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid and discouraged".

You must talk to Him and keep His vows. All equal and good things will fall in line just like what you deserve in life if you do your actions based on His righteous words. Don't hesitate to ask Him all your heartaches and confusions; He will always listen. Even through your single drop of a tear, He will know what your heart is thinking. You will not have to hide behind the masks of strangers anymore if you think that He is looking at you. You will no longer have a hard time in accepting your imperfections for He alone, has accepted the whole you. You will no longer think of negative things and persecute yourself for He will protect you against toxic words and people. He will help you fight all evils acts and thoughts, He will nourished you and provide you more of your dreams in life. Just do not be afraid to show all your flaws, and show the real you in the world. Others may condemn you; they may talk painful words behind from ears to ears but they will not affect you for God has covered you with all His mighty arms. Embrace Him because He has loved us first, and He will always do.

I made this blog because the pain is mutual. And through the words of God and His vows, I am healed. He has given me the courage to do what is best for me in accordance with His divine laws. I am genuinely happy not only because of me being real to myself but because of one Supreme Being who never left my side.

I am hoping to have the wisdom of making another article all with His guidance. Thank you for reading. May you be blessed.

by: Leah Mae Camahalan Piolen; August 2018; 11:47pm

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