LibertyTeeth Community Minnow Support: vote for up to five of your favorite minnows; 50 will get a 5% slot in my SteemVoter!

3년 전

This is similar to the last contest I ran. Rules are simple:

  1. No self-vote. Self-voting will disqualify all your votes, not only the vote for yourself. Don't do it!
  2. If you vote for more than five, only your last five votes will count. What this means is, you can make changes to your votes either by editing your comment, or by replying to your comment.
  3. To qualify, accounts must be "minnows". In numerical terms, a minnow has less than 500 followers, and less than 5,000 SP. I've decided to combine them, so for instance someone with 600 followers but very little SP would still qualify. The algorithm: each follower is worth 10 SP, then add that to the account's SP and if it's less than 10,000, then the account qualifies.
  4. In the previous contest, some people were confused and thought that upvoting someone's comment would indicate their vote. While I encourage everyone to upvote comments, the only tabulation I will do for votes will be what you put in writing; an example is below.
  5. Voting ends in five days, i.e. Thursday; at noon, Eastern time. That will give me two days to tabulate the votes and edit the post with the winners (hopefully it won't take more than a few hours, but life intrudes).
  6. If you are a minnow, one strategy would be to resteem this post, and then make your own post to your followers, asking "Please vote for me at @libertyteeth's contest" and include the URL to this post, in your post. Resteeming is not required, but is appreciated.
  7. Another strategy, mentioning this in comments on others' blogs who you are friends with, where appropriate and without spamming, can also help increase your votes.

Example of a vote, which you would leave as a comment on this post:

I'd like to nominate these accounts: @countrylover, @fishyculture, @haejin, @otage, and @blazing.

From this example, the first (my wife :) ) qualifies; the second just barely doesn't (congratulations! :) ); the third definitely doesn't; the fourth qualifies; and the fifth has too many followers, so again, congratulations!

Oh, and to ensure that you're voting for the actual account, you may want to middle-click (i.e., click with the mouse wheel) each of the accounts' links in the comment preview, to open them in new tabs; then verify that those tabs are the accounts you wanted to vote for, close the tabs, then submit the comment. (This is a useful strategy whenever posting one or more links to an audience.)

As with the previous contest, I reserve the right to make changes to the voting percentage, based on how my voting power ebbs and flows. The top 50 will initially receive a 5% upvote rule in my SteemVoter. In the previous contest, I had 20 winners, and started at 100% but gradually moved it down, ending up at 10%. So, I have a pretty good feeling that 5% for 50 winners will be "similar" so shouldn't need to modify it much -- but, we'll see!

Good luck to all!

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:) Thanks for noticing. I'm a big minnow now... lol! I'd like to nominate @longsilver, @warpedweaver, @abbijulie, @drutter and @squishysquid.
And I want to tell you I "get it" now and THANK YOU for being an awesome friend regardless of how clueless I can be! This is an incredibly generous thing!


In terms of my own cluelessness: "get" what? :) (My guesses are Elliott Wave, or something to do with Steemit?)

You're welcome, and thanks back! :) HUGS!


Lol! Why you use an autovote service. I am not quite there, but getting close enough that I understand that once your account is more than a few dozen, you don't have time to read every post by every creator you have come to know and trust.
I am working on the Elliot Wave thing though! The notion that the markets have an underlying (or over-arching?) frequency has the ring of truth to it.
HUGS back atchya!


Ah, okay, that makes sense. :)

Yeah, it really is amazing how well every chart I look at fits those patterns!

Although I haven't progressed past chapter 2 still, I am watching lots of videos by @haejin and @philakonecrypto (the latter has some really excellent charting, a one-hour video I just watched, let me find the link -- here it is) -- so I'm still learning, even though for whatever reason I'm blocked on picking up that dead tree...

Oh, also Phil resteemed posts by @famunger, who does a review of several technical analysts and their outlooks, which I think is really helpful. Here's his latest:


thank u for supporting @libertyteeth
i'd like to nominate
@racemlather @hanen @hamditoumi @kamelayedi

Nice initiative man , i am in . This would be fun Lol . I hope other whales learn from you .


Thanks! I love my dad. He taught me to set a good example, without crowing about it. I try.


this comment is love !!!


@libertyteeth, you didn't state the deadline day for nomination


5 days .


Same here man , learnt a lot from my dad .

How can i be part of you steemvoter friend?


Well, you have too many followers to qualify in this particular contest. That said, we've interacted positively in the past (I'm recovering from multiple concussions and don't remember stuff well), so I'm adding you right now, for an unspecified amount of time. :)


Thanks a lot my friend your support will help me a lot to create more quality content for our steemit family, i mean relevant content :). Regards

Huh, guess I can't edit this any longer! I have copied the comments as of yesterday afternoon, and am in the process of tabulating the votes.

NOTE: This will take some time! I'm going to have to write a program to help. Which will take less time. But it'll still take time. Perhaps I'll have it all done tomorrow? Just a head's up.

I'm uncommonly self-upvoting this comment as well, so that it's the first visible comment.


Huh, I couldn't get it all the way to the top! :) Please help me out, so others who come back can see this update as the first comment? Thanks!!

hmm, I need some more minnow friends.

My only nomination is @theneedledrop. He truly deserves much more love for the content he creates.

Thanks for being so generous @libertyteeth!


Fuck that fucking socialist fuck. Here's a 100% upvote. Sorry for my spirited-enhanced foul language.

Now, I wonder if he has a secondary script -- to see whether the downvotes he's made, had been negated, prior to the reward period for those comments/posts he's downvoted. Yeah, I'm developing it in my head right now, but I won't ever implement such crap. Downvoting bots are children of the abused, and whether they discuss the abuse or not, we all know it.

Which means, I really shouldn't say "fuck him" -- I should be saying, "bless him" and hope that the traumatic experience is erased/made whole by, a better experience. Perhaps by saying the former I'm preventing the latter in my experiences. Am I ready for the opposite of that? I'm not so sure. So, sew, sough...


yeah Bernie sucks, I pretty much know he is going to flag me if I ever reply to him or state an opinion he doesn't like. Except he ends up flagging everything from the past 5 days lol...

And I don't know if he has a script to unflag and reflag me. Would be pretty pathetic though


@haejin had determined the flagging script only works on top-level comments, so he had started writing a top-level comment on each of his blog posts, saying "reply to this to avoid the downvoting -18 BS" -- which I thought was quite clever. Then dickless ("Yes, this man has no dick" - Ghostbusters) discovered it and started downvoting inner comments.


lol he is ALWAYS angry! when will he get over himself


Here's another couple bucks to chip away at his stash with, LOL. :)

  ·  3년 전

Hey! Lets be friends then, I'm a minnow just few days on the blockchain, you can nominate me. the upvotes would go a long way to help...☺

I would like to suggest @libertyteeth to not accept votes from newly created 25-27 rep accounts . They are voting for same persons , abusing your giveaway .


FUCK THE FUCKING SLIDER, you get 21%, not the 20% that I wanted (what's wrong with fucking text input boxes??!?)

Ahem. Having a really shitty day. (Or perhaps, lack thereof, which should be enough sharing.)

Anyway, I'm now seriously considering calling the whole thing off.

Ha ha... I made it to the example list! Still a little embarrassing to be an eligible minnow after more than 6 months. Thanks for doing the initiative I know some deserving minnows for sure: @fates, @tysonjames, @leggy23, @krazykrista, @encryptdcouple

@sarahber @jdc (he is back!) @cali-girl I’ll try to get some other names off the top of my head!

I made a post about it to my 2000 followers.

  ·  3년 전

Shame I can't nominate you right back man! You've gotten to be too big!

I'll put my nominations as a reply to the main thread, as I have to check to see who qualifies.

Two 25 rated accounts who voted for 5 people in exact same order .rm.jpg



Wow, how awesomely discouraging...

  ·  3년 전

Please come join us on our facebook group page @steemitfamilyph where there are 1,050 plus members there. Majority if not all are planktons. Maybe a few are above 1,000SP.

If you still do not believe come join our facebook messenger chat room. Where we try to help each other and get to know more about steemit. A lot of our members are semi-active because they don't see the result that they want. This was one way for us to help each other grow and atleast get a decent amount of payout on our post. Yes, I may be inactive in posting my own content but I am very active in helping our group grow not only in steemit but in their personality, niche, and of course their reputation in steemit.
So please come check out our Group chat here. We will welcome you openly as we welcome any strangers that comes along to our group.

Our Baguio City group GC
Join my group on Messenger by visiting:

Our main Steemitfamilyph GC (you might not be able to join this because there are 250 members already. As we know, FB messenger only allows 250 persons per chat room).
Join my group on Messenger by visiting:

We voted by groups so that everyone is able to join @libertyteeth contest. In blocks per se. So the 20+ members that wanted to get the vote will get in. That is why you see same people voting the same names.

We maybe powerless in steem power but we are powerful as a group when it comes to voting in contest. Thank you.


1,050 plus members ! " So the 20+ members that wanted to get the vote will get in. That is why you see same people voting the same names. " .

So you only took 20 slots .

Thank you dude . That's so kind of you for leaving 30 slots for us minnows who have been following @libertyteeth for long time .

I am so happy to be joining in this amazing giveaway thanks to @otage. Thanks @libertyteeth for your generosity towards minnows.
I did come up with my nominations and they are:- @otage, @turpsy, @anyinkeh-b, @beforeandafter & @askmee .

seeing my name there made me so much happy lol hahahha :D
but after seeing the conditions i am neither a minnow nor a dolphin lol


:) I think it's so neat to see the people "I grew up with" here at Steemit, achieving greatness! :) You can't win -- but you can nominate, and resteem! :)


Sorry to bang in without notice.

since you haven't nominate anyone, i solicit for your help to nominate me.



Just wanted to note that you're using the "I quoted this from someone else's comment/post" wrongly. The ">" operator should only be used for "things that other people said".

If you want to enhance something you said? Use the various "#" operators.

Here's one level.

This is two hashes.

Three here.

Four, and perhaps there are more levels, but, you get the point. :)


Well noted @libertyteeth. Thanks


oh, in the post you used the "<" quote block so I repeated that formatting, shall I just switch to emboldening then?


Hmm. In the post, I was quoting "someone who hadn't spoken yet".

And, it was the ">" not the "<" which I don't think does anything...

<Does it?


Anyway, yes, emboldening works, or embiggening; they're both perfectly cromulent words. :)

@libertyteeth This is a great idea, and contest...We interacted a bit during the horrible and wrong war against Master @haejin
I am resteeming and will participate...I just need to think about who want to nominate.....Blessings to you and now following as well!


Thank you yes, I remember your avatar and name, and positive attitude. :) My apologies if I "abandoned" you during that time -- I took a few weeks off, and likely had some replies I didn't respond to. :(

Thanks for the resteem! Heh, I had already followed you! :) Blessings to you as well!

My good friend @midnight-m3rk who i helped join steemit and introduced him to it while playing fortnite on the xbox1 with him over mic.

I'd like to nominate these accounts: @leggy23, @binick, @musdar508, @Jayfamous and @sidsun

i would love to nominate@leggy23, @tongwangu, @positivesteem, @turpsy, @ kenzycrazy

This is a great initiative to help minnows. I would like to nominate these fellows, @leggy23, @chemmy, @amec, @zizymena, and @ceepee.

I am so happy to be joining in this amazing giveaway thanks to @leggy23 . Thanks @libertyteeth for your generosity towards minnows.
I did come up with my nominations and they are:- @leggy23, @c0ff33a , @prosteemian, @reddust & @sean-king .

Am really in love with the great opportunity @libertyteeth, this will really help the upcoming minnow and also newbies of this platform. I would love to partake but I won't be able to, I have some sp but still a minnow. I will love to nominate some minnow and newbies if they will be opportune in this great opportunity.

I nominate @hornblende @riahdex @pearlie @kolawole and @comfortolubunmi

I nominate @marshalllife and @project-atlas for this, they have been a blessing to the minnows of this community regardless of how little they have. Thank you

Steem is being abused by spammers . Some people make tons of accounts and rape the reward pool without investing a single penny , without any effort , without any time spent on creating quality content . They leech the reward from steem giveaways , guess what they are here on your blog .

Accounts a week old , 25-30 rep should not be considered minnows .It may only take 2-3 upvotes to go from 25 to 28 rep . They may be newly created accounts by single user . Only minnows who have worked hard , have some rep should be rewarded .

This giveaway is meant for people who have worked hard , created content actively not for fake accounts and people who manipulate votes .

Woow, this is really awesome, below are my nominees:

@mzkara she is deserving, she is a new steemian and so far, she has been making her way through steemit and as well as exploring.

@dayjee is another wondeful steemian, he has used and also preached the gospel of steemit over time.

@hadebaryor is another steemian that over time has been rwally consistent and also very creative.

@dhorllypee is also deserving as her blog is really inviting

@folagold is my fifth nominee, i believe she deserves this too as she has been struggling as a minnow to stay relevant on steemit.

Thanks so much @libertyteeth for this awesome development...

If just 10 or 20 users do a contest just like you did the platform will grow and grow, but it will be great to take a look at the Planktons and the newbies not only me minnows :)

  ·  3년 전

Minnows,planktons, newbies they're pretty much the same. it all depends on the language you want to use...

Kudos to @libertyteeth for doing this.
I would like to nominate

  1. @aehiguese
  2. @matadonis
  3. @klynic
  4. @its-kg
  5. @chicsman

Hey @libertyteeth,
I nominate @onos, @jeline, @klynic, @pangoli and @thelovejunkie.
Addendum: I really appreciate what you do for the minnows on this platform. Spreading the steem-love all around. Thank you for your help. Cheers!

  ·  3년 전

thanks boss


Thank you dear brother @nairadaddy

  ·  3년 전

I want to vote t active members in the community.

@joshuaramento @gellyka123 @shella @isaacfar @kitllanes

I nominate

Steemit is future. Steemit is great project. He has a great future despite all the difficulties he sometimes faces, but I'm worried about his progress for the better

I would like to nominate @hefziba!


Thank you for your support gretum.

This is a great contest and will help many Steemians here. So I'd like to nominate @faresellouz , @steemitglass , @raizapenamcbo , @uncommondream , @yaanivapeji

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

I nominate


Thank you for your support Gideon.


Thank you fadhi for your support!


Nyou are Wellcome hefziba

Alright. I'd like to nominate @kimaben @jaydinigo87 @gheghenrv @maane @jetsetjhen

I'd like to nominate @jaydinigo87, @gheghenrv, @kimaben, @aceace,@jetsetjhen thank you're so generous!😊

I nominate @onos @samstickkz ; they are doing excellently well in their community. They deserve this cause they render so much help to their community.

  ·  3년 전

thanks sweetie for this nomination

Wow! This is indeed a wonderful step, it worth working for, I would love to nominate @hornblende and @learnandteach01, they have both been doing great jobs and I must confess too that @libertyteeth is a wonderful whale for us all.

Wow!!! This is amazing i'd love to nominate

  1. @ambmicheal
  2. @mzkara
  3. @dayjee
  4. @dhorllypee
  5. @folagold

I'd like to nominate these accounts:
@annamur, @nikonat, @sscrow

  ·  3년 전

Glad to see the return of this contest!

Picking nominations was rather difficult, as I follow a lot of awesome people that have surpassed me by quite a bit!

So to start I'm going with @kaliyuga. The poems they post make me laugh, and that deserves a nomination. The art is good too.

Next, I think that @movingman gets a spot. He's new, but a regular poster, and he was found already accepting Cryptos with an awesome sign!

Of course, my buddy @rotfoot. He took a bit of a break as he was focusing on his twitch channel, but he's back and will be posting regularly again. He's always had my back, and quite frankly he's a better writer than I am.

@giuato is someone that I'm astonished qualified. She regularly posts great cosplays and she interacts with the comments all the time. If you like anime cosplay you should check her out.

My last slot had three possibilities. Many of the others I would have considered had far too many followers. I'm going with @modernzorker. He writes really good reviews which have added to my to-read list and my to-watch list. He posts pretty regularly and it's always worth reading.

upvoted for visibility, edited to include this note about upvoting.
*edit2: switched a user out because the last few posts by the original guy haven't been what made me vote for them in the first place. I think the series might be over: (

Yay for @kaliyuga though!*


I nominate them to be included in your steemvoter. Thanks for helping us minnows.


vote to all these accounts came from 25 rep accounts .
Something fishy ?

cryptos are to stay with it

Dear libertyteeth.
Libertyteeth is having a competition for minnows. Would you be so kind to enter my name if you like my blog.
Here is the link of libertyteeth post......
O we are already in that post, so I mean....., uh, o well, that was funnier in my head.... :-).

good writing. love to read it.cryptoes are future.

I would like to enter @ inspiredgideon1

I’d like to nominate these 5 people who are very hardworking and deserve much love with every post they share. @kimmy95, @febbiefull, @edpico, @eduardonarvaez, @kborillo 🤟🏻


Thank you philakone. If you were eligible I would nominate you, but I think libertyteeth is already in love with you. ( your TA’s of course, what else), as am I!

I'll like to nominate @valency1, @gee1, @brightex82, @smason12, @gifty-e
Thanks for this wonderful initiative

Good day! I nominate these hardworking people:




Wiw thankyou beh.


Thankyou ate K :)

Thank you for this contest. I'd like to nominate @ajremy, @kaydee, @floxyrites, @ojay and @sweetdera.


This means a lot Debby. Thanks a lot.


Wow! Another mention. Thank you so much bro. Massive respect for you.

I'd like to nominate @georgeani @ajremy, @geezee887, @masterwriter, and @kaydee.

This a such a selfless initiative. I am glad that there are people like you in this world, restoring hope in humanity one contest at a time. Many thanks.

I would like to nominate the marvelous. @millennialnow and the quintessential @queenvick These are two of the most talented writers that I have the privlige of following on this platform.


Thanks darling love doctor😘😘😘😘😘


Hahahaha anytime sweetie. 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  ·  3년 전

Thank you so much for your selfless giving. I would like to nominate these minnows @uzochukwu, @georgeani, @kaydee, @sponsor1, @floxyrites.

Youre awesome.

I nominate @onos @ewuoso @samstickkz ; these guys are doing great stuffs for their community and they deserve this.

Dear libertyteeth,
I asked Haejin to vore for me, but instead he upvoted the link I send of your blog. Will you please count it, please please ( i am serious, and have proof, but won’t show Haejins Skype adress publicly)

I'm i also qualify for this?
@libertyteeth how can i participate on this? wished i can.

Thank you so much for this oppurtunity @libertyteeth.
I would like to nominate @charleswealth, @theoutspokenking, @vik3, @maylilo and @gloviss34.

@valency1 @otemzi @tezzmax @motivatorjoshua @juliusfatai

This people deserve your support @libertyteeth but you got the final say.

Sir i will first of all say thanks for this initiative but in respect to the followers i will say you should consider it because some persons are still minnows but got alot of dead followers. Thanks for all your support once again @libertyteeth

Can someone be nominated twice by 2 different people?

And can one nominate his or her self.

Your initiative is nice buddy !Hope for the lucky best of the 50 !

I nominate @ajremy. He's doing great!

I nominate @julietisrael @anyadan @onos @divinoarts @vheobong
They are all great artists that deserve more attention

great to share...
upvote+resteem done

Thank you for this opportunity, I'd like to nominate @marshalllife and @project-atlas for this contest.

I want to nominate @tony-duke, @alale,@jennykyle,
The first person is a selfless person who I think need this,
The second and third are new minnows, who would be surprised at anything good meeting them on their start journey on steemit

I will love to nominate @tfame3865 because i think he deserves it.

i would like to nominate @faresellouz and @kamelayedi

I'd like to nominate @faresellouz

You are really doing a great job towards keeping this community growing.
Your effort is greatly appreciated

Exceleant post.

This is s good initiative and I would like to nominate @marshalllife, @project-atlas, @sistem @admiralsp and @favoursampson. I have not seeing such an open request just to help minnows like this before. I just really hope the so-called whales and dolphines are like you @libertyteeth, you are such a kind person and may heaven reward you kindly for this you are doing.

i nominate this following people

I will like to join to be part of your steemvoter. Do i still qualify? Thanks.


He might not be available to work it out. Try to nominate people. Kudos


i really appreciate this, bless

I would like to nominate @charlotteroze , @ancapbarbie ,@teutonium , @plantbasedmiri , @news2share


Wow thank you, I'm honored to even be nominated!


you deserve it for your work and passion for the LGBTQIA commmunity

This is incredible, its just so nice i'll be nominating :


I am nominating @funshel @aristokratos @oredebby @ayinky @royalheir

Thanks for the kind gesture

I will love to nominate @tfame3865 @valency1 @otemzi @tezzmax @ponmile

This people deserve your support @libertyteeth but you have the final decision.


You are just too adorable darling. Thank you. 🤗🤗🤗😚

wow, this is quite incredible. I like what you are doing here
I am quite new to steemit... but I checked out a few of those that were nominated here, and it guided my choice

so here are my 5

@samstickkz @klynic @lovejuice @nairadaddy @sussan

Thank you for this opportunity @libertyteeth. You are worth emulating as a model.
I'll like to nominate the following people:

Wow! I love this. I nominate @dayjee, @eurogee, @smyle, @sweetestglo, @adoore.


Thanks blessedman

Thanks for this opportunity

I will be nominating @gloviss34 @arogboolabisi @powerfulsimeon and @nwamaka

  ·  3년 전

Thanks organizing something like this,it gives hope to people like me a minnow. I will like to nominate @maylilo,@gloviss34,@adedoyinwealth,@charleswealth,@adejoke 16

I would like to nominate @shuto , @hefziba , @ofiltutemps , @kelos !

I would resteem this ! Thank for this competittion not easy to be a minnow , and your suuport and thoughts are very helpful !


Dear Iso, you know I’ll stay your follower. I like your stories about your wine making the best, I hope we both make it on the trending list one day.

I nominate @dayjee...he is a wonderful minnow and deserves this

Hello @libertyteeth
The way you set this up is kind of tricky... I had to read it twice to understand better :))
I love the brains behind this.... Supporting us minnows will go a long way in motivating our spirits here!
Hopefully we'll all grow out of this minnow pajamas we wear here 😂...then we'll be able to give back to prospective minnows and this wonderful community.

You rock.... Thanks @libertyteeth

i nominate this account @marshalllife and @project-atlas

Happy Steeming


thanks boss, blushed already, the man above is your guild.

I'd like to nominate @faresellouz

I nominate @hornblende. He truly deserves it

Wow It's a best voting system.

Thanks for this minnow support programme.I'd like to nominate @gerald.knows @cwen @coldfiree @cavannaugh @host.the.freak

I will love to nominate @motivatorjoshua @vickyrich because they are My very awesome friends, supportive and always gat my back...they are my only 2 nominees

Nice contest @libertyteeth
I nominate @onos, @ajremy, @tony-duke, @prechi and @ewuoso...
They all have contributed greatly to the growth of the Steemit Community

Thanks for this minnow support programme.I'd like to nominate @gerald.knows @cwen @coldfiree @cavannaugh @host.the.freak

Good initiative bro though i would like to be part of your steemvoter i will like to nominate @onos and @adoore-eu

I nominate @onos, @turpsy, @camzy, @preciousimo. Thanks for what you are doing.


Thank you so much dear. I appreciate

I'd like to nominate @marshalllife

@valency1 @otemzi @tezzmax @ponmile @tfame3865

This people deserve your support @libertyteeth but you have the final decision.

Thanks for this platform
i nominate:: @pangoli @onos @samstickkz @hornblende @sweetestglo-eu
thank you

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in nomination.

I did like to nominate:

  1. @seyiodus
  2. @omowunmi
  3. @geeflow
  4. @stevendion
  5. @steemhelpinghand

Hello, apologies in advance to this manner if its a disturbance to you but since your nominees aren't complete yet can i solicit for my name to be mention by you.



No sir. I am coming back to complete it.

I would like to nominate this account
@mhizoptic @brainy723 @ajremy @tony-duke and @baboyed1000

I will like to nominate this account
@baboyed1000 @sirsticks @tony-duke @ajremy and @mhizoptic

I nominate @marshalllife and @project-atlas...they are both well deserving .

I will like to nominate this account
@sirsticks @brainy723 @baboyed1000 @ajremy @tony-duke

Hahaha!! " the third definitely doesn't;)" that was hilarious;) Thank you for running this contest! I would like to nominate @amymya, @phoenixwren, @mtnmeadowmomma, @jordanmccraw and @wisewoof......there are so many more!! But here is 5 <3

I nominate this account @marshalllife and @project-atlas

I nominate @marshalllife, @project-atlas, and also i nominate @eurogee and @euronation if they qualify

Wow. This is amazing.
I love what you are doing, so thank you @libertyteeth.

I nominate @joordanzzz, @yaanivapeji, @sunnylife, @zamzamiali @alexandraioana26

@libertyteeth, I will like to nominate this account, @yinkaknl, @rebe, @bekky, @afolorunsor and @rosellyn

This is amazing man!
Am in .
I'd like to nominate @darling-gee @estherikott @walterjohn @fonzy.udom @kalschary
They are really passionate about this platform.

i was expecting it @libertyteeth. I hope I make the list.

As always thanks for helping the community.

My group of friends of minnows from steemitfamilyph will surely come and put out their votes. :) Thank you for the opportunity.

Thanks for this contest @libertyteeth.
I'd like to nominate these accounts:

@rosellyn and @ssonia

I nominate these accounts: