Try to help, and get attacked for it...

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Turned a comment I just made into this post. That comment was in response to this comment. Note that this user, @fitnessgoals, has gone on to spam lots of comments on my blogs. He's also deleting a bunch of comments as well, so seems to be in a rage.

If you want the full story: @haejin requested no spam or advertising on his blogs.

@investingtips decided to continue spamming and advertising on @haejin's blogs.

I decided to help uphold @haejin's request. I mentioned it several times to @investingtips, who ignored my requests to stop as well as my downvotes.

I finally mentioned yesterday that @investingtips' reputation will go negative if he keeps that up. He then randomly downvoted a bunch of my posts.

So, I then mentioned his childish behavior, downvoted all the ads of his that I could find. ONLY ADS, not randomly downvoting other content he had created, like he did.

And then I told him what I had done, and told him that I would reverse my behavior if he reversed his and promised to stop.

It's his move. Here's that thread.

Then I replied to @fitnessgoals, who had said:

Don't allow steemit users to suppress truth, here is @investingtips' article that some people are trying to suppress!

I'm not trying to "suppress" his articles, he can write whatever he wants and note that I did not downvote his article, at all! I only downvoted his spam/ad comments, on @haejin's blogs, which were requested to stop.

In an effort to explain, I posted the below:

How about, pay attention to @haejin's warning when he says "don't spam on my articles" on every blog post he makes for several days while this spammer kept it up. Investing tip: don't spam.

@investingtips: you can still apologize and delete your spam and promise to stop; and, reverse the rage-response-downvotes you made on my various posts, and I will reverse my downvotes.

Your shotgun driveby downvoting doesn't look good on you, though. Still, I'll back down and even reverse if your behavior has truly changed.

Then again if you have @haejin's blessing to behave this way, point it out to me and I'll also reverse my behavior; I don't see everything. Although he hasn't asked me to stop, so, there's that.

@fitnessgoals has decided to back the losing team, and come on my blogs to say what a horrible person I am for helping others. Funny how he only shows my votes, and not the reasons for them or the discussion surrounding these events.

Fine, I have nothing against you, but I will speak out when you say I am a horrible person for helping reduce spam and advertising on someone's blog, who specifically requested that.

I will also note that @starjuno, who is @haejin's wife, has upvoted my comment warning @investingtips. So, the end of my above-quoted comment is unlikely to be the case (that the ads have @haejin's blessing).

Then I checked, and I see that he's spamming my posts with the above. I didn't ask for spam, but hey, I'm not going to random drive-by downvote you.

In fact, this is turning into a post.

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I replied to his article , he can't even FUD properly lol . He should learn from 4chan .

He tried to FUD in his first post but martket recovered .

After a month he did analysis which suggested to buy Btc Lol

@fitnessgoals account doesn't even looks genuine , 2 months only 5 posts that too resteemed .

There is a TA analyst @salahuddin2004 , he gained almost 500 followers since he started spamming on @haejin's blog .

Hooo~ly! so that's why you weren't appearing on my feed? some of these mischievous folks act like a 6years old with a chainsaw! a very spoiled 6 year old with a chainsaw! they think they are some kind of mob or I don't know what kind of mental issues they happen to have to behave in such a whimscal way.
@libertytheet I'll try to keep up with your posts, since they are awsomly gratifant to read, and if you wait 6 months I'll complete my .net studies and will help you to solve that last issue regarding the bad display on email refering to steem posts. Hopefully you'll solve them before that time xD.
Keep up th good work dude, and try not to think to hard on these 6year old.


I like your chainsaw analogy!

Good luck with your studies! Yeah I should switch the script back to reading from the blockchain; then, I can format it however I want. (Which will probably just be "borrow some of Steemit's CSS" LOL.)

Really love your ending. Yes, they're behaving badly but what can one expect? My nephew is at a similar age in his life, and I'm not handling it well, likely because I'm recovering from multiple concussions and expect (or, perhaps, want) the world to be more orderly...

Thank you very much for the upvotes on my blog recently and for voting for me as a witness! If you want to contact me, will you join my discord channel at because I am in there most days?


Thanks Jerry! (And, you're welcome! :) )

I'm not much on Discord but I appreciate the offer, will check it out!

I am sorry you are taking flak for doing what you feel is right.

I hear you, that you were trying to help and instead got caught in this negative spiral of negativity from this person. Sometimes we need to take a step back and sometimes we need to actively get involved. There are risks either way and people will judge us either way. Your intentions were noble and hopefully that will be recognised on the long term.

It seems this person is being toxic and getting off on spamming. I think if you keep downvoting him or responding to him, he will continue. He is acting like any other toxic person (or narc or abuser). Don't feed him, don't be his supply. It might be best for you to ignore him. Perhaps report him to steemit-abuse, and then take a step back and ignore this person so that they stop feeding on you. Your energy is best kept for others who will appreciate it and not take it to fuel their negativity.


Agreed. In fact their behavior makes me wonder if they're not the original spammer/advertiser. Especially, as someone else pointed out, they created that account in December and only now just started commenting.

Either way though -- fighting with a tar baby tends to make one dirty, you're right.

Thanks for explaining to us what really transpire. Even without you explaining, I believe in you and I trust your actions and judgement.

You are a role model to us and you have impacted so many lives. People like that will always exist on a platform like this.

We all love. Continue doing your great work

@libertyteeth you are the best. Don't stop doing good. Keep it up. We love you

That making us understand what really happened with this explanation.

No matter what, you are a mentor and role model to me and many others.
Thanks for always been there

A debt of gratitude is in order for disclosing to us what truly come to pass. Indeed, even without you clarifying, I put stock in you and I confide in your activities and judgment.
DQmQzFM2sDp5wYpaoktgk9L8RzJCCwPgheNTHo23JUwfAGZ.jpg done.

brilliant and grateful work my dear companion.
I am dependably regard to your work. @libertyteeth
Upvote and resteemed you post

I will support your work sir. Great work. Keep it up

Great job. I support you work. Resteemed.

Yea dude i followed the conversation. It was coz of a randon short comment you left on my reply and found myself reading the whole thread. Appreciate you helping the community. Turnin it around into a post? Faq yea i love it XD

I think the downvoting system has its flaws. It can easily be abused and it is sad, but it has a place.

On one of my first articles that actually got upvotes and was worth something, someone disagreed with what was said and downvoted it into oblivion and tanked my rep.

I was pretty upset haha.. but it was definitely a learning experience for me as I was new to the platform.

No harm meant in downvoting spam. It’s unsightly and everyone knows it’s rubbish.

I got into a bit of drama last week where they accused me of being a bot or an account of someone else and they sounded completely unhinged. I made sure to only downvote the spam and clearly false posts.

Well @libertyteeth I think it's great that you stand up for people, and I'm envious of that! You're clearly a great person. Reading what @fitnessgoals has to say though, this is a case that it might be worth it to just walk away. I've discovered a new me over the past little while where I've learned to ignore things that upset me if I deem them ultimately unimportant. These actions, are not significant and although your help is no doubt appreciated, it may just be causing an escalation in the rhetoric. My humble opinion is that @fitnessgoals is no longer worth engaging and hopefully when they lose the attention, they'll just go away. **just a comment from a newbie. Cheers.


Yeah, after a recent unprovoked attack by an angry whale and his troll army, I took some time off. Came back renewed, as you, with the intention of putting less of my energy into this platform, and more into my trading business.

Appreciate your comment, thanks!

I have implored @fitnessgoals to attempt to convince @investingtips to delete the spam and apologize to @haejin and myself, and I'll reverse my downvotes. Seems he just wants to keep complaining about it, which makes me wonder if they're really two separate people...

I appreciate your post..actually you are great one in this steemit..


When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

Tips to avoid being flagged

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Thanks for the resteem!

This attack should not be unexpected. Steemit is making tremendous progress and therefore will catch the attention of all manners of persons.

This attack should not be unexpected. Steemit is making tremendous progress and therefore will catch the attention of all manners of persons.

The lesson from this attack is the obvious need to always step up security as much as possible. Nothing must happen to steemit.

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Somebody obviously feels debilitated

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Just FYI, perhaps you forgot to click the resteem button? Steemit is an open platform; anybody can check anyone else's actions: -- search for "reblogged" and I see three instances, but not this post...