Debate about deep web

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In my view, deepweb does not have a floor, so the floor is only the level of security, but the floor concept is very dim, said the floor for easy to understand but even access do not know what floor, But deepweb scary but not dangerous, they are not free to kill you, not like some liberal democratic United States, should read you often misunderstood even virtual too, the hacker it is not free Going to vn, because they do not need to know who you are, but the virus it will free steal your personal information and break your computer.
The deepest and darkest of all is the dark net, a part of the deepweb, which is really dangerous because it is an anonymous, highly-terrorized, virus-wracked, secretive environment. Of terrorists and banning orders like mafia, they do not need to know who you are, but they just think you have access to this for a reason and if it is prohibited by the mafia or other terrorist organization you will not be too. 3 days
As you know dark web k easy to access, so you go to her home comfortably go, stand on the side you do not show, do not vascular circuit, and turn off the microphone, turn off the camera webcome, just visit Click on something to make sure your computer is safe
Do not read on the gg then the illusion of being too killed does not understand the problem, today with so many interventions of experts with many other countries, and the search engine dw on tor or anonymous. To get deepweb, deepweb k value as before and access is also easier, but the dark net must be very careful.
Future data dw will be shrunk because of interference with the software should be explored a lot.

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