Gradually go to a collapse of the foundation

3년 전

It's been a long time since I wrote this article. So this is my article for those who are always fighting for the development of the platform. I was very eager to participate in contests, and look for new things. I also got used to a lot of good friends through steemit. But actually that's just sad memories in the past. More than half of our community has paused to write and stop working on steemit. That is really hard to do after the things that happened a few weeks ago. They left because they thought the platform was not working. Determine all community issues. a foundation where energy and relationships are at the forefront, good things intertwined with everyday injustices. They are disoriented, they become disgusted with the foundation. I was once such an ardent fan. But I realized my efforts were futile. But I also did not intend to leave this foundation, because my friends are still there and still fight for the good things.

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