Human is material

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We have to find out about the universe to prove our very existence that the real matter is also to prove that the universe is truly alive with a new cosmic universe and that we have just received it. Being able to see the Universe if not vanity will win both us and the universe. Universe is designed for life, consciousness as the pre-order forcing people to thoroughly grasp about both. Humans have found the big bang but in front of the bigbang it is nothing more, where all the physics, time, space does not exist, it is the limit of perception, why, because of the evolution of things The consciousness above the globe is subjected to the influence of mathematical physics since the birth of the universe, the limits of consciousness have been exhausted, the bigbang is gone, sad. But also because of the laws of physics that allows us to accurately describe what happened from the big bang after the big bang, with only a 43s negative cap for an unbelievably tiny moment, compared to At this moment, a flashing shot is longer than 1 billion billion times the time of the entire history of which the 10th hat consumes -43 seconds per second. The history of lightning from 10 hat -43 back to zero, at the outbreak of the explosion, Until now, it is absolute secret, and the 10th time the hat -43 is the boundary of perception, which Physics calls is the Planck wall. Across the wall, the laws of physics are no longer valid, mathematically calling it singularity. Only possible, there is the initial energy of an infinite energy ocean. If we die, but we still have a craving for the universe of perception, or the human civilization is no more or the end of the universe, then the universe will not be empty, There is no limit to what we can learn in school for 3 years. No one understands even the teacher. Energy does not spontaneously disappear from one form to another, When you die, you just lose your life but your energy lasts forever to have the opportunity to wait for the birth again and you will reappear.

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