Neil Armstrong is not the first person to set foot on the Moon

3년 전

Recently, a controversial hypothesis has shown that the first human footprint on the Moon did not exactly match the shoes Neil Armstrong brought on the expedition, referring to the possibility another set foot on the "satellite of the Earth" before the astronaut.

"Although this is a small step for a human being, it will be a big step forward for all humanity." - Do you remember this famous saying? On July 20, 1969, the entire population of the Earth held their breath as astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, creating the first human footprint on the surface.

For the past 50 years, Neil's "battering" of the Moon has become evident; Until recently, when a new hypothesis was made on social networks, some asserted that US astronauts did not even use boots to create the "first step". .

To prove their bizarre hypothesis, they showed a clear distinction between the first footprint image on the Moon and the Apollo / Skylab A7L boot shoe image that Neil had wore during the reconnaissance. (This photo was taken in 2015 at the museum).

Looking at these two photographs, it must be said that Neil's soles and the footprints on the Moon were ... unrelated to each other! One side is flat shoes, the other is filled with grooves that are "stuck", meaning that the shoes are not the thing that made the "first step".

The fact is that Neil Armstrong (and all other members of the crew) used Apollo / Skylab A7L suits and flat shoes on the Moon's expedition, but what remains of the museum? must be the full version of this suit. It lacks a very important, "neatly" to Neil after the unexpected hypothesis: a pair of protective boots with the platform.

This shoe will be walked outside the main shoe for the purpose of protecting the astronauts from the effects on the surface of the Moon, such as dust. It was the culprit that caused such misunderstanding in cyber-communities, as astronauts were forced to put their feet into their boots to set foot on the moon.

And yet, the photograph of footprints on the surface of "Earth's satellite" is actually ... not Neil's, but that of another astronaut, Buzz Aldrin.

The big question here is: Why did Neil Armstrong not carry the protective boots on display in the museum as his astronaut suit?

And the answer is simple: "Neil wants to but can not bring back!" It turns out that having to reduce the payload for the spacecraft to make it easier to return to Earth, the astronauts had to leave more than 100 unused objects on the surface of the Moon, of course, including the other protective boots.

So you have your own answer already! Neil Armstrong is still the first person to set foot on the Moon, and that truth will forever remain unchanged! If you still can not believe the explanation above, you can completely re-up ...

Moon to test Neil's muscle footprints that! Scientists have asserted that the footprint will remain in the ... millions of years, because there is no wind on the Moon to blow it away!

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