Universe and atoms

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We too, our bodies are millions of constituent atoms. And atoms are empty. That is, the entire universe is empty, there is nothing called matter.

That is, if we can control the body's atom, we can go through the wall, across the mountain ... to go through anything. We do not need ice anymore, we can travel anywhere

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Why no one wonders if all things are made from atoms, why are we people with full thoughts, emotions? The dogs are dogs, plants, iron, stone, diamonds, oxygen, hydrogen ... are not sensible.

Indeed, when we zoom in to the maximum, we can see only the atom, nothing but the atom, but in an extremely sophisticated and sophisticated way the atoms arrange themselves. together and make up different material. Our bodies are trillions of atoms automatically arranged to create us. So basically, we are just different dogs, gravel, rock, gas ... only at atomic arrangement them together.

Atoms are overwhelmed by the universe, you surf the air, and you can also capture millions of atoms. So if we with progressive civilizations can find out how the atoms combine to form the dinosaur, and how can we arrange the atoms in such a way? We can make dinosaurs, we do not have to rock, we are God, what we want is to be able to create something with only one material that overflows the universe. Say for fun, I have no faith in any creative God,

Is there any black space in the universe (dark matter) that is the source of energy that monks use to cultivate without eating? hell and heaven are not in heaven on earth but a parallel universe?
There is no heaven or hell. As for meditators, their bodies also stop working, breathing stops, so they can meditate for dozens of days without food. This is how some yogis do. Sublime is the birth of Buddhism is a new level of Buddhism.

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