Does Sex Tape=Trust?? [Advice Vlog]

3년 전

Hi Steemians! It's Cyn theUnconventional Life Coach..and it's time for another Advice Vlog!!

This one is for a young woman named Monica, and by young I mean 19..much younger then I
And her question to me is...Do Sex Tapes=Trust??

Short version of her story...she didn't tell me how much older...but she has been in a relationship with a much older man for about 7 months now...and he always coming up with fresh, new exciting things for them to try out in the bedroom...for the most part...she says YES to most of them!

Lately he has been nagging her to death to make a sex tape, and she is hitting him back with Hell to the Na to the Na Na Na!! So he comes back at her with the whole Don't you trust me?? So this has her sorta beating the idea around in her mind...If I don't make this sex tape with him, does it mean I don't trust him??

So I am going to give her some helpful advice here...cause girl is a little confused, and I can't have that!

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Awesome advice 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️❤️


Thanks for checking it out😁Gonna see what you got going on and follow you👋🏼☺️


that's what's up... keep up the great work.. you got a fan and subscriber over here!!


also.. what helps with views on videos.. is including the youtube version with the dtube version on here