Here we go again

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I am back again to Steemit. While surely this place has some good memories, every time I come back I remember my investments in that ugly December of 2017 and the unfortunate decisions in early 2018 .. Ugh!

But I'm back again anyways, never been good with investments or numbers but I'm good with people. I know people leave Steemit but a lot eventually come back just like me. Steem value is not in its fundamentals but in people's attachments and emotions .. I guess that's what matters most in the crypto-world

Been reading a bit about Hard Fork 21 and I have mixed feelings about it. I am mostly positive even though most people are not. I guess I like to be different. I like changes, I have a new vision of what makes this place successful and it's definitely not overpaying its users ..

Back to me .. So what has changed in my life? Well, I am now officially a medical doctor, a physician. I guess that's an achievement. I have been through tough years and I wonder if it was worth it after all .. I mean Medicine is just like Steem blockchain, really really flawed but people perceive it to be valuable. So that what matters in the end I guess.

I also quite my vegan (plant based) diet a long time ago after 1 year and a half and I'd like to talk more about it in another post. If I want to summarise it in one sentence it would be: When you're so sure about something there's a good chance you're wrong!

The reason I'm back to Steemit is that I want to write again, and I am now looking to rediscover my passions and goals because they have been lost through the hardships of life ..

I am powering up my STEEM that I left hanging with no use. I have bought it up at all time high and I might just as well ride it to zero .. But hey let's be positive!

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This is awesome, thanks for sharing your story and welcome back! Looking forward to seeing more posts and the direction you choose to take your blog.


Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog

Congratulations @lifeaef!
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