Carolina Panther's Week 6 Play vs Philadelphia Eagles

3년 전

Hello Everyone How is Business!!!!

This is my first post so still working out the kinks on this new platform.
These comments are very much my opinion and might be based off facts or my own fiction, LOL.

Wanted to talk today about the week. I am a big fan of the Panthers, I have been ever since the glory days of Steve Smith. Actually he was the player that made me so loyal to the panthers. When it comes to my team there is always good and then very bad. This year it is that front line not sure if we are not strong enough or not talented enough, but far tooo many times Cam is rushed or sacked. My plea to the Panther's front office come on guys make my team whole again, get us at least two stars on the front line to protect Cam. I am not saying our boys aren't playing hard, but maybe they are just not up to the task. Loving your boy, McCaffrey, he is a hustler. Am I the only one who clinched up during that Cam Newton Dive play. Listen I am and will be a Panther's fan forever, I'll "Keep Pounding" till the day that I die.

Until Later Boss Men and Women.

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