BROminoes and life in Texas


Well, here we are. I've now lived in Texas for 1 week. It will be awhile, I'm sure, before I notice the differences between Illinois and my new "home". Doesn't really feel like a home yet. I'm not going to bad-mouth lllinois, but I've been told the cost of living is less here so that is one thing. My 6 month car insurance premium did lower by $275 or so immediately following my address change within the app.

Texas is also a Republican state while Illinois is one of a few democratic states. When you live in a democratic state for 29 years and move to a Republican state, there are bound to be changes.

I'm still job hunting for something that fits my abilities and current state of physical health as I live with relatives for awhile. The stadiums for Houston's basketball, baseball, and American football teams are all relatively close so it would be interesting if I were able to find a place to rent in that area.

As I reflect back on some things, I acknowledge the fact that I had a few things in life to learn. I still think we as humans can do better in explaining things to each other, whether it be emotions or expectations as friends, family, coworkers, or bosses. Too often we get caught up in thinking we had it hard so we refrain from lending a helping hand to others. I think we could be more perceptive as to whether or not someone is willing to learn or even seeking knowledge.

I'm apprehensively excited about the future here in Texas. I'm just trying to get myself physically and mentally in order as my neck/back is still and issue and my teeth hurt sometimes - both together give me crazy anxiety, which obviously can be difficult when you also have to worry about getting a new place, job, and all those adult responsibilities.

But I digress...only to then bring up BRosino's new arcade!


I haven't dived deep into the assortment of games yet, but it looks highly promising. I used to play dominoes on before they fell apart to what it is now. Seeing dominoes on this new site was a great start. I enjoy the dominoes in which you need to make multiples of 5.

But can you win BRO or anything playing these arcade games? I don't know. Perhaps someone will let me know in the comments. I hope so!

If so, I think this could be huge, but I know they also have to have a means of funding something like that.

Well, that's all for now. See you next time.


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