How to Force a Smile Easily!

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How to force a smile is as complicated as pulling teeth. In fact it is much more challenging than just pulling teeth. We tend to be much more tolerant of negative emotions and much less interested in them when they appear on the surface. Yet there is no reason to keep those feelings hidden when you can work to change them by learning how to smile and keeping your smile always right.

When you smile, do not forget that the whole purpose of smiling is to entertain. When you are frowning, are you trying to entertain or are you trying to get away with something? Of course you are trying to entertain but the difference between working with negative emotions and positive emotions is that you can use your smile to mask your frown or sadness and this is part of what makes it so powerful. It is so powerful because while you are using it, you are also allowing yourself to be able to entertain yourself in a different way. This is one reason why smiling has such an impact on our moods.

What does this have to do with forcing a smile and keeping it always right? It has everything to do with understanding the power of the smile. When you smile at someone, you are allowing yourself to use their positive aspects to help you feel better and distract yourself from the negative emotions that are appearing on the surface. Instead, you allow yourself to see the person smiling and this allows you to be relieved that it is not about them being bad and that instead it is a display of good nature.

Now if you are frowning, you might choose to ignore it and this might work for a little while. However, what if this did not work for a while and you were consistently frowning? You would then need to find a way to manage the negative aspects of this emotion and to make sure that you did not allow it to distract you from doing anything constructive when you are smiling. This might mean that you would have to find a way to smile every time you feel like smiling.

One way of dealing with these negative emotions is through positive thinking. If you think positively, you will be able to divert your attention from the surface acting. However it is not always easy to think positively. If you are constantly worried about something, you might start to focus on that thing and the negative aspects of it. Smile and you will see that the issue is merely a part of life and these things do not have to control you.

The next time that you feel the need to smile, think positively and distract your mind from the negative aspect. Do something for yourself or someone else and smile. You might want to make a call to someone and tell them that you are feeling great and that no matter what happens you will not let it bring you down. Make a positive observation and smile the entire time and you will not even realize that the smile has been forced.

This is not about forcing a smile but simply letting it come naturally. This also allows the other person to smile back at you. It also gets the other person thinking that maybe they too could benefit from positive thoughts. This will increase the overall mood in the situation and everyone will have a much more enjoyable time.

Smile and be happy in any situation, but most especially in difficult situations. Even if they are not fun to work with, at least they are not embarrassing. The other person will soon come around and notice this aspect of you and in turn treat you better. At the very least this will help to lower the stress level in the situation.

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