Passions in a Positive Direction - How to Improve Your Horoscope

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"Do you love something red?" That question is not as easy to answer as "Do you hate something red?" We all have certain emotions that flow through us. They can be the same emotions that help us get through life or they can be the opposite. A recent article on this site pointed out some common Passions in a Positive Direction and listed the ones associated with the colors of the rainbow.

Red is associated with passion. The color is associated with the sun and many people's first passions. Some of the Passions in a Positive Direction for youth include: excitement, enterprise, energy, danger, freedom, light, new, creative, noble, tender, and strength. There are many other passions besides the ones just mentioned that apply to youth. For example, young people may have a love of music because of their love of electronics or their passion for technology because of their love of art. Passion is one of those intangible Passions in a Positive Direction that can affect all areas of your life.

Purple is associated with royalty. In the animal kingdom, there are several species of animals with plumage ranging from yellow to purple. Some examples of animals with this trait include the blue jay and the masked heron. In the human realm there are few people who do not have at least some Purple in their blood. People like Prince Philip, who is known to have some purple blood in his veins, as well as several members of the British royal families, such as Queen Elizabeth II and her son and successor Prince Edward.

Green symbolizes peace. Some common Passions in a Positive Direction for people born in the month of July include: creativity, integrity, harmony, peace, and non-judgment. These traits are very similar to traits we associate with July, the time of the year when there is great peace with no fight between the forces of good and evil. August is known as the month of "The Return" and many ancient civilisations have interpreted this period of time in terms of the coming of the "Fighter".

The color blue is another trait associated with July. There are many different theories about why this color is so prevalent on a person's zodiac sign. One popular theory is that the color represents harmony. A blue star sign will also be a person born in the summer months. Blue zodiac signs are so dominant over the other colors that many people believe that July is their birthday and July 16th is their zodiac birthday.

Red is the color of passion. It is the very color of love and romance. When it comes to passions, many people born in July are passionate about their hobbies and passion. People who are born in July are very passionate about animals and often enjoy taking pictures or doing research on certain animals. They are also very passionate about food and often make great cooks.

When it comes to passions, people born in the summer are very passionate about athletics. These are the athletes you see wearing the jerseys of their favorite teams with pride. Summer is also the time when people begin to exercise more, and this leads to being overweight or obese.

People born in the month of July are usually enthusiastic and happy. These people have a positive attitude and a passion for life. This can lead to a positive direction in their life, but sometimes these positive attitudes can be misconstrued as arrogance or stubbornness. July can be a difficult month for those with a negative attitude or who want to be argumentative. With a positive attitude and a new, upbeat outlook, however, one can learn to take control of their life and get things done the way they want them to be done.

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