Truth Spoken by a homeless man

5년 전

This dude here, every word he says is PURE TRUTH. He is wise beyond most of us, and he's got the world figured out. He's been labelled crazy. This is the truth. He's completely sane. The WORLD is insane. To be SANE in this world pretty much makes you crazy. We're living at the height of the age of deceit, and if you think that's bullshit then you are among the deceived sheep, being walked down the garden trail with no knowledge or freedom.

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100% Sometimea people who appear to be crazy might be too sane for a insane world. Idk.


That's exactly true. The WORLD is crazy. He's been forced to survive in it awake.

Capitalism without socialism is fascism? Steemit is all about capital and is not socialistic at all.... Hmmm. @ironshield

Thanks for posting this. We should start to get a little more organized and get people from The_Donald in here. You have a reddit name? I am LearnToMaga


I do, but I'm well hated on Reddit. It's super super controlled and full of trolls.


MAN, that is one strange looking kat! I wish there was a clearer, closer shot. Check out the teeth on him. Is he even human..................