Love's Epic Journey Through Latin America: Children Truly at Peace Do Exist

3년 전

The Kuna children are truly at peace and energetically calm.

It seems normal to those of us in the United States that children regularly cry, wine, throw temper tantrums, are resistant and defiant along with the vibration these behaviors carry.

In American society, it's not only normal for children

to engage in these unproductive behaviors but they exist without question

simply because almost no Americans have ever actually seen anything else exist.

I'm here to tell you, it does exist.

In the actual Kuna reservation located in southern Panama throughout the San Blas Islands during my month long stay as well as my involvement with mainland Kuna children I am both shocked and grateful for what they have indirectly taught me.

Their homes are basically made of sticks

so if the hundreds of children were crying and whining it would be

easy to hear over the distance but I almost never
heard anything but the sounds of seagulls and ocean waves during my month long stay.

When I walk through the square mile island community I see children literally everywhere but I don't hear anything but happy, joyful children playing together contently.

I've heard of this kind of thing from reading Jean Liedloff's book The Continuum Concept many years ago but had never witnessed it until now.

Today I am in Panama's northern mountains
and over the last few weeks I have spent a considerable amount of time with mainland raised Kuna children.

Soon after my visit with them I visited with American friends with
American raised children and immediately felt the energetic difference.
I posed the question,

"What is going on here? What makes the difference?".

My American friends are also aware of the difference and ponder the same question.

Is it because the Kuna children are raised in-arms by
grandmothers who also hold the same calm spirit?

Is it because they are raised in close knit, multi-generational families,
always having their needs met in a moment?

Is the difference because American children are incubated
in stressed out mothers and held by parents who hold
within themselves an inescapable toxic vibration?

The excitement mounts
as I prepare to return to the islands to observe and continue
to be a part of the Kuna experience.

I look forward to writing more about this topic as I spend the next
several months with these amazing people.

You are invited to support the Kuna Love fundraiser
for keeping this community alive and teaching us while preventing their ancient and core ways
from being watered down in mainstream society.

Click Preservation of Panama's Indigenous Kuna Ways


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I got many more fun-believable experiences,

and amazing photography,

I'm serious!

My stories are continuously unfolding as I continue my unique journey south.

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Would have though you knew they existed from living in The GOE for years....

Nice post though, loved that photo of the children in the bucket/pot and that log boat!


I wrote a really deep reply to this then the Panama Wifi interceded and now it's gone. Poop!

In short, yes, the GoE children are amazing and the closest thing to what I describe here that I have ever witnessed. Every time someone visited the Garden of Eden @gardenofeden with their children the difference was grossly obvious.

However, their mother has yet to obtain the inner peace of being so cannot exactly achieve what I describe here. I have high respect you and her for making this your intention and coming closer than likely anyone else in the USA.

Setting a higher standard of what is achievable is a huge contribution to humanity. I'm seriously grateful that you love yourself, your children and all of humanity to make this evolution priority.

Big hugs to you and the family! LOve, love, love all of you!



We all do the best we can, hopefully learning and evolving daily. I try and not just set examples but provide insight and education so that the children of the world may have more opportunity to really live.

Bless it be~*~

Hi Loveon, I really enjoyed reading your post about the Kuna children! Thanks for sharing your journey.


I'm super happy you enjoyed it. Makes you think, huh?

Grateful for the support. Keep on Steemin'!!

nice blog keep up


Grateful for the appreciation and comment.

Keep on Steemin'!

Such a beautiful story @loveon ! I loved it !! Upped and resteemed !! We live in such a stressful society its sure transfer down to our children for generations to come ! This would have been a great story in my Power Of Positivity POP Contest #8 ! I have every week from Sunday to Saturday ! Where you just have to enter an original positive post of any kind !! If your interested in checking it out some time , heres a link with all the details :


Muchas gracias, Karen! I'm popping over now to check out your stuff. Grateful for the support and encouragement.

Let's keep the steem on!


Awesome thank you !💕


OK I have entered your post in my #popcontest now next week use popcontest as the main tag ! Thanks and good luck !💕💕💕

They are so well behaved, our children are spoilt and have far to much. A lovely read :)


Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the phrase "well behaved" indicates that the parents have successfully "trained" their children to be what the parents want them to be?

With the Kuna children or our children at the Garden of Eden @gardenofeden no one has made the children "well behaved" if my definition is the correct intent. The children can just "be". There are no motives to train them or create children with forced behaviors. This allowing them to "be" honors that children are born perfect instead of the "bad" that was taught to me in my Baptist church growing up.

I get what you are saying, your intent and totally appreciate your comment.

Keep on Steemin"!


What I mean is they play together well, they look happy with what they have. :)

Nice post and experience with the Kuna people... We traveled for a year in Latin America and volunteered for some time with indigenous organizations, such as the Maya in Guatemala, the Wayuu in Colombia and a family in Peru. Thanks to these amazing experiences we gave birth to our project about sustainable and fair trade handicraft/fashion through the promotion of their unique art craft. You can check our account to see some stories.
Have a great time in Latin America!


I loved my experiences with the Maya! I'll be posting about those at some time in the near future. Their children, too, are super amazing beings although my interaction with them was much more minimal.

Checking out your stuff and Following you. I'd love you to promote my attached fundraiser wherever relevant and appropriate.

Steem On!


Great, thank you! we will be looking forward to your next posts about the Maya ;-) enjoy your travels, we are missing it already!

Great work, I love see this story. Welcome!

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I spent a couple of nights on Isla Cristobal in Bocas del Toro in 2004, very natural.
But last year in passing noticed it was being heavily developed now, what a shame to turn a Native Island/village into a residential development.