Love's Epic Journey Through Latin America: Monterrey, México Aliens in my Room, Caught on photo. This is REAL!

3년 전

I was sitting in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México tonight in my second story room. The sun was going down when my three friends and I were hanging out, smoking some herb together.

One of them noticed the beautiful sun rays pouring through the window.

I grabbed my phone to see if I could get a photo of nature's beauty. I took four shots.

The first 2 were these:

The other 2 photos were like this.
All of These photos were taken only seconds apart.

When I zoomed in on the
green light
I see this.

When I zoom in on the zoom I see this.

What do you think?

My friends and I are all flabbergasted.
I know what I see but I don't know
what to think about it.

This is real. Absolutely not a hoax!


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Too bad we didn't catch a photo of the zooming light we saw over the @gardenofeden. You could be making an interesting look book!


It's weird that no one has anything to say about it. Remember when my necklace disappeared in the garden in a flash of light? Doesn't really align with my good Baptist upbringing.


I remember that!!!! You're not the good Baptist anymore?