It has snowed this night.

And I have to go through it to my dentist..
Mostly already melted again.
The weather is cold and rainy. Basically slushy.

My dentist is in the neighbouring city. I actually hope some snow is still lying around there, cuz I think that city looks really cute in snow.

Maybe Ill post some more photos later! :)

Wish everyone a beautiful day! ;]

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i love snow and youve got a nice place...thx


Once I got used to the snow, I'll also start liking it again.
But I never like the slushy transition time..^^

Yes, I'm really happy with my place :) But I guess u're too with urs ;)

looks easy enough to tackle on the road


It's already gone again ;D It just started
traffic is hell in winter here..

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I grew up where snow most often almost immediately turned to slush, and about half the winter was basically afflicted with a layer of slush. Yuck.



Yea. I live in that place. Ewww

Looks exactly like New York right now.


just mountains instead of skyscrapers :D :P


Wrong.. Only a small part of NY is skyscrapers.. Common misconception.

Most of NY is country and farmland.

I live in the more country part of NY. A small congested city, but only a short drive from wilderness.


Just have a look here friend. Might be surprised to see NY is very much not skyscrapers :)


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