Our Sweet Little Girl

2년 전

My wife and I are expecting our first child any day now. It has been a fun journey through this pregnancy as we have learned what it means to tap into our subconscious and listen to our baby girl as well.

There are many times where we will be speaking as a couple and discussing all angles of a decision to make. Our little girl will kick as we mention one option, and is silent on another. We receive that as a confirmation.

On another note, she is most active as we pray, specifically a sensing prayer which is designed to quiet our minds and listen. She kicks and wiggles as we see with our imagination what it is the Lord desires for us to see. It is the most precious time we have with her before she is born.

We began to learn the beauties and intricacies of the subconscious over these past few months as I sought healing with my father. I mentioned in the article about Solfeggio’s just how powerful they can be for the human body. That personal growth has carried over into the way my wife and I, and our child, interact.

Our minds are incredible instruments designed by God for connection. It has been a delight to learn from my bride who works as a mental health counselor, as well as seek out new science that we can both learn.

There is still much room for improvement as man only knows a fraction of what the Lord has in store. I for one, am delighted to learn and grow into whatever destiny it is the Lord has for the three of us.

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Congratulations Lydon. Even if it is a few days early.


Thank you, my friend.

I'm greatly looking forward to news of a birth...





Excited to share the news! :)

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Cool. 😎

wow so happy for you both a new journey to begin congratulations :)


Indeed! Thank you!

Looking forward to a baby Mrs. and Mr. Lydon Sipe in the world! I know you will instruct and mama will teach! What a blessing from the Lord. Enjoy your Heritage! Forever and Ever Amen.


Amen! Thank you, my friend! So good to hear from you. Hope you guys are doing well.

I´m glad to know this good news. Receive my affections.