Reflections of a 4 year old

3년 전

The lines below are part of a conversation my son and I had last night, where he surprised me with his incredible views on Life.

- Mom, life is a circle, right?

-What do you mean, son?

-I mean that is like a full circle. Think about it! Everything is a circle: the week, the month, the year, life, the universe, even the aliens are part of one big circle.

-I am afraid I don't understand it. Would you like to explain it to me?

-Each week starts with Monday and ends with Sunday, Then it's Monday again. You see, it's a circle! Then from January to December is the same. Another circle, only a bigger one.

-I see what you mean. But what about life? How is life a circle?

-It's simple. Life is the biggest circle. You are a little star, you get born, you grow, you get older then you die and become a little star once more. It's a longer circle because it takes time to grow old. You get it?

-I can understand how that can be seen as a circle. You are right! What about the aliens you mentioned earlier?

-Their circles are different. They are faster.

-What do you mean by different and faster?

-Our circles are horizontal. We go in front, sometimes left and right. We can't go back, only forward. But they move differently and much faster than us. They can also go back. We can't! Their circles are vertical and sometimes are one with our circles. When they get closer to our planet and enter our atmosphere we can see parts of their circles because they are glowing. You can see the lights flickering. They move like a satellite but they twinkle like a star.

-So you are saying that there is life on other planets and aliens are real?

-Yes, but they are smarter then us and they stay away from us. They come and go.

-How come?

-They have seen us cutting down the trees, hunting animals and polluting the planet. Humans put garbage and plastic everywhere. They are afraid of us.

-Have you ever seen one?

-No, but I would love to. I have so many questions to ask him about the universe and his travels...

I hope you enjoyed this conversation at least half as I did! Children see things far more simpler than adults. I think there is so much we can learn from our children. We have stopped seeking creative activities. Because we have experienced failure, we feel confined. We forget how fun it was to be a hero and convince ourselves of our own mediocrity. We are afraid to try new things and we certainly take ourselves too seriously when we should simply enjoy the present and see how blessed we truly are.


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Such a great way of thinking and expressing from 4 year old


Thanks for the read!

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Thank you!

Loved this post. Your son is a smart little boy. So cool to read the thoughts of a child. It makes sense what he says ;)


Children's logic always make sense. You can't fight it ;-)

Wow, your son is amazing and clever. Yes, we should listen carefully to our children and especially be attentive what or how we communicate. They learn from all of us, more than we realize. Thanks for sharing!!


They are like sponges, absorbing everything. Though is nice to see them putting things together on their own!


It is amazing to see the world through their eyes and how much passion they can spend just watching for example a bike. I love it to spend time with my nephew (2 years old). Keep enjoying!!


A bike, a mixer, a scooter or an electric drill. Anything that spins or moves ;0)

I love the way your child thinks what a refreshing post thanks for sharing :)


He comes up with a lot of theories lately. This is only one of the many I hear daily ...


that's cool I remember my kids being in that phase many many years ago

That was fun. Yes out kids can come up with a lot of things that surprise us.


Yes, they are always surprising!

I think you have a clever one there, I didn't get any of that from mine!


Thanks! Hopefully it won't go against him! Hoping he won't get too bored in school ;0)

Wow. How cool to get the whole of life theory from a 4 year old in one sitting!

That really is cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Sometimes I forget he is only 4! Some of the things he says leave me baffled. ;-)

oh my goodness....he is only 4 years old?????? Way too wise for a 4 year old! I love his insightful words, can't believe he knows this much... as they say out of the mouths of babes.... You are obviously a wonderful mother @lymepoet :)


Thanks! Yes, he's 4. Even I tend to forget his age when I hear some of his comments ;0)

Wow, i am speechless. Wonderful how he percepts life. Good job mummy @lymepoet. He is amazing! My best wishes to him from UAE


Thank you! I appreciate your visit, Steemit mamma!

That's quite amazing, children are far wiser than we think! Lovely post @lymepoet :)


Yes, they are! That's because they see things more clear than us. We love to complicate things. ;-)


We forget how fun it was to be a hero and convince ourselves of our own mediocrity.

And there's the insight.

With respect to the aliens, tell your son that I'm sure I've met a couple here on Steemit ... and that they ARE NOT smarter than us. :-)



He just told me tonight he had met one at the kindergarten.



So ... that makes two of us! We'll build a consensus.

Lavi, you sound like a great Mom.


Thanks for your sharing~yea indeed, children is more free and creative compared to adults and they have yet to experience failure.


You're welcome! Kids' mind are beautiful because they know no limitations.

That is a very amazing conversation for 4 years. Definitely found it enlightening.

I love the whole 4th year.


This age is wonderful and filled with discoveries. ;-)