Money & Gratitude: The well-kept secret of people who feel rich regardless of their finances

3년 전

The gratitude book !

My lover gave me o a wonderful gift (how? Who, me? But no, I never said we NEVER give each other gifts...): The Five Minutes Journal. It's a journal of gratitude.

A Diary of what?! GRATITUDE my dear!

To use the definition of the french dictionnary, it tells us that gratitude is:"Acknowledgement for service, for a benefit received, affectionate feeling towards a benefactor. Show gratitude."

From the perspective of people who are a little more aware, as my Belgian fellow JCVD would say, gratitude is a great multiplier of life, i. e. when we feel gratitude for the things we have (however small it may be), we receive in return but in greater quantity.

If you feel gratitude for money you own (even if it's really not much"), you will certainly get more!

This idea directly refers us to the personal relationship with money.

By the way, how is your relationship with money anyway? Rather positive or rather negative? Come on, think about it, it's important for the future! Try to remember the words you use, your feelings, your feelings, your feelings when you think/ talk about money.

For my part, I too often hear people complaining about their lack of money "My salary is not high enough","The urn of our marriage contained' only that'","I only have' 50 euros left to finish the month".

I hear this negativity, this fear of missing. Rarely the opposite.

And I smile... Because another person, with exactly the same thing, might think completely differently.

One will be grateful to have a job and therefore a salary at the end of the month. The other will see in this little extra help that he will not have to come out of it himself for a certain project, the other will say that ouf, all his invoices are already paid and that he still has some provisions in the cupboards and that 50 euros will largely suffice until the end of the month.

That's why it would be ideal to change your mind in order to reconcile yourself with Money and start putting you in "ON on Abundance" mode.

Because by hanging around and being in a negative energy... Believe it or not, it won't attract Money (or anything else good for that matter).

I suggest you use the principle of this journal of gratitude for your personal finances. For I am fundamentally convinced that this will make you much happier with a sense of wealth and abundance within you.

It means that you have been able to stay in touch with your family, friends, or call a service that has been able to answer one of your questions. Be grateful to have your hospital bills. That means you've been treated. Thank you when you have cash receipts...

Be happy with what you have.

Because, even if it doesn't stay in your hands for long, you got it, and you could use it for something (pay your mortgage, the mechanic who repairs your car, a gift for your lover, a croissant in the morning...).

By taking a time each day to "thank" (whatever/what) for what you own, you create a road that conditions your mind to a positive, healthy and peaceful relationship with Money.

So... everyday, write your diary of gratitude :) I am sure, your life will be better with that! And tell me what do you think of the concept :)

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