UP and down are the part of life

2년 전

UP and down are the part of life

  • But these are the parts that shows out the true faces of friends or enemies

  • we dont know who is putting a knife on our back but when the life goes down people left you who are not sincere with you
    they was only sincere with your up life of success I am critically facing this kinda actions in my life now a days
    i have a lot of questions burning inside me but being a strong "Rebel" i never share my problems my difficulties with anyone
    because i hate the sympathies because thats hurts more after, so i dont want to have these kinda feelings that can hurt me after so its better to be alone and think how to skip this situation with smartness and be succesfull again.

  • And i am strong enough to learn and face the truth

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Hey you know what I don't agree with your one point where you say I don't share because I don't like sympathy!! Well there has to be atleast one person in your life with whom you can share everything and yes I mean everything...It may be your family or friends or whoever. We think we are strong enough to handle everything but that's not completely true. Yes we should have strength to face downfall but taking advice and speeking your heart out with someone is the best solution for many problem. Also to share with you My secret weapon for facing depression is to cry out. Hehehe it may sound funny but I do feel relaxed and ready to fight again. Sorry if I said something wrong but Just thought it might make sense. Thanks