Ten Lies About Success It's Time to Stop Believing in 2018!

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We believe a lot of things are “true” because they have been a part of our existence. But, so many, many things have never ever been tested, or questioned. We accept them as facts, but why? I think the things we believe hold us back more than just about any other limitation. Why? Because, as I look around the world, I see people in all nations, from all races, all backgrounds, with all sorts of disabilities and challenges succeeding wildly! It happens all the time.

SO, what can you do to fast lane your own success? You can stop believing in things that aren’t true. Here are my top ten lies you need to stop believing in 2018. Seriously, grow up, stop assuming these things of yourself and take your success into your own two hands.

Lie Number One: It's Too Late for Me to Succeed

People buy this all the time, but there are examples all over of octogenarians earning college degrees, people over fifty starting new careers, and so many other examples it's silly.

This is only true if you want it to be. Here's the thing, the only time you've ever had to start anything is now. But what about then? When you were there, it was now.


Right now is the best jumping off place for whatever you want to do. Start by changing the belief that it's too late!

Lie Number Two: Someone Else Holds the Keys to My Success

This may be the most insidious lie ever told! No, the govt, your parents, your teachers, your boss, industry leaders, none of them can stop you. Unless you let them.

No one owes you anything. You owe it to yourself to succeed. No one else can make you happy, wealthy, or wise, those are things you'll need to get for yourself! I suggest starting with happy!

Lie Number Three: I Just Don't Have What it Takes

Bullshit. There are guys making millions off of being carpenters, because they got in front of a camera to do it. What is "it" huh? "It" is whatever you've got, coupled with the right audience, that's all "it" ever was!

If you think you don't have it, you're not paying attention. People from all over are succeeding at things that didn't even exist ten years ago. My son, made over $10k this month, playing video games on YouTube! So, yeah, you've got an "it" in you, you just haven't figured it out yet!

Lie Number Four: Only a Few Can Reach Success!

Why? We are sitting in an industry that reached over 80 billion dollars last year, and didn't exist ten years ago. invent a new field, if you have to!

The only reason that 1% of the 1% have the wealth is that this is where we put it, and continue to put it. There is always room for more success. Always. Is it hard? Yes. Do they fight to keep people out, sometimes. But, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is the first man to EVER have $100 billion dollars. So, don't assume it's all fixed.

Lie Number Five: The Govt Need to Fix it...

Whatever it is, bullshit. The more they meddle, the less liberty you have to create your own success. When you are tempted to think that govt involvement will bring more success, look around. When was the country growing fastest? In the early days, when govt was smallest.

No matter what they do, or don't do, the only real power they have is to limit liberty. Not all limits are bad, but they simply don't hold the keys to success for anyone. They can make it harder, but people succeed in much harsher political environments, so even that is an excuse.

Lie Number Six: I Missed My Chance!

You may feel that you had an opportunity, and blew it! So what? So did most of the millionaires you see today! That's right. Most of them have failed miserably, even our own dear president, god rest his soul (wishful thinking) has filed bankruptcy numerous times!

Past failures don't negate the possibility of future successes. If anything, they prepare us for it! Don't let your past dictate your future, it only holds the power you give to it. So, refuse to let that stop you!

Lie Number Seven: There is Limited Wealth

This is closely related to the idea that only a select few can succeed. We tap into new ways of doing things every day, and now, with crypto coming on the scene, we won't even be held in check by the size of the cash pool!

The universe is filled with inexhaustible opportunities for anyone that wants to apply themselves. If you think wealth is limited, open your eyes. It can be created in a billion different ways that have never even been tried.

Lie Number Eight: I Don't Deserve Success

Why? Do you see the people who get it? If being deserving were a part of the equation, would they be there? Many of them would definitely not. In fact, when you look at guys like Harvey Weinstein, getting their just desserts after decades of creepy behavior, how can you think that?

You are just as deserving as every other human on earth to find success. No one deserves it more than you. No matter what they've done to attain it.

Lie Number Nine: I Have to Kill Myself to Succeed

I've done the seventy and eighty hour weeks in pursuit of a dream, for years. But my most financially successful times have been times of balance. Sure, work is important, but when I pursue it as a part of my life and not my central obsession, I find I'm more successful.

In fact, there are many, like Timothy Ferris (4 hour work week author) who say that part of the definition of success for them is spending as little time as possible earning money, so they can do the things that matter to them, and I happen to agree. You can succeed and still have time to enjoy it.

Lie Number Ten: If I Was Meant to be Successful, I would be

This is closely related to the idea of not being worthy. No. Nope, not true. How many people work themselves nearly to death, almost give up, then try one more thing and find the right combination? Many. Just because you have not succeeded yet, doesn't mean you won't.

Here's the thing, if you you're pursuing your dream and you're not starving, or hurting anyone, why quit? What else will you spend your precious few years of life on this plane doing? Making someone else's dreams come true, hoping to have enough to have a little fun when you get to the end of life? Forget that. Do it now!

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well, I just learned that wealth can be created. What I really meant is wealth can be literally created out of nothing, so long as you create something that everybody wants.

Haha, great way to present these facts. Like lies, as they are. Especially number two. Many people look at the ones surrounding them for support or knowledge. But in the end you are the one deciding if you are going to make it happen or not. You should put it in some fancy infographic :)


Worse than that, they complain when there are no packaged "jobs" just lying around that pay what they want and require the exact skill set they went to school for.


Indeed, flexibility is key these days. After the global financial setback from the last decade, job requirements and rewards are not what there were before. You need to adapt, work hard and be able to add your value. And if you succeed, your position in the market is strong enough depend on your set of skills, not you employer. Which opens a whole lot of new doors for further development.


Just wrote a book about this with a ghost writing client. By 2020 60% of American workers will be part of the "contingent" work force. Working a combination of jobs, freelancing, self-employed, or contract labor as opposed to straight, full-time employment.

I think you meant Start not Stop in your title for 2018. But its still a great post!


Um, no, "stop believing" I got it right, but thanks


Why would you want to tell someone to start believing in lies? LOL


oh hahahaha I was reading your title wrong lol

if you agree ....may be i reasteam your post


Please do, thanks.

I enjoyed your post for me I was brought up thinking that $$ was wealth. Success to me is being able to surf any day I want to. Setting up my life so I am debt free and not responsible for lots of bills! Never having to set an alarm ;-)


See, there you go. The key is in knowing when it's time to transition into other stages of life and finding ways to meet the demands of what you want out of it.