Is It Really An Addiction If I Know I Love It But Distance Myself?

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For me, I will tell anyone straight up, "I love to gamble and I love to take risks." Most of the times I can get lucky, but there are those times we all lose at some point. The trick is to not gamble what we can't lose. I would never put myself into debt because of a gambling decision.

Would I say that I am "addicted?" Probably not. I don't go out and gamble every day. Or every week for that matter. I don't put my last dollar into slot machines and go back the same day.

I just simply like gambling. I love the aspect of taking a chance for a gain while risking a loss. The idea of losing isn't ever fun but I feel the outcomes are worth the risk of devastation. I keep my loses controlled so the worst thing that happens to me is I end up broke for a week or two, with no fun money.

I'm not a licensed doctor or psychologist though. Maybe there are some areas where I could be clinically considered an addict. I know it's very possible I might have an addictive personality. When I find something I like to do, I will smother myself in the said subject and surround my life with it. I oversaturate in my hobbies until I get tired or bored then go on to the next one until I want to come back.

Last year I was getting heavily into online Poker when I was between jobs. I would build a schedule around the upcoming tournaments and make sure I was home in time ready to participate. Is that what an addict would do? Maybe. But I wasn't losing sleep or killing my livelihood over it. I felt it was controlled because I was actually doing decent and placing in some of the tournaments.

I could even get into the addiction of certain lifestyle choices. People drinking on the weekends every week of their lives. Playing video games for a substantial amount of time. Buying a certain comfort food. Is an addiction something we do everyday? Or is it something we love and don't want to let go of?

Thanks for reading. I hope this generated some thoughts within yourself.

What's your opinion on addiction? Is it just something we do everyday without thinking of the consequences?

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

It is certain

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.


Thank you. Maybe you are right, Magic8ball.

It doesn't feel like an addiction but it looks like an escape, I think maybe this activities appear because of a certain lack of joy in your life. Good luck


Thanks for the comment. Joy is subjective. You and I could find joy in different things. Maybe I find a joy in gambling because I hardly think I have a lack of joy in my life. I have many hobbies, friends and past times. I don't live an unhealthy lifestyle.