My Saturday, Seattle Hempfest Hash Hustle and a DUI Impact Panel

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I didn't know it would be a good story to write but my situation tested me and made me asked questions about myself. I knew my day was going to be a challenge when I woke up yesterday. My plan was to make it to Hempfest downtown to try and get rid of some hash and then swing back south to a DUI Impact Panel near Tacoma/Fife, Washington. For the readers who don't know, I have been dealing with the aftermath from a DUI I committed back in May. It's been a life lesson I took for granted too many times before.

My sleep pattern has been weird recently so I didn't get out of the house until 1 pm. I know, it sounds lazy. I had one of those nights when I fall asleep too early and then I wake up at 2-3 am ready for action. I ended up staying awake for the next 2 hours then went to sleep until 11. Seattle is about 25 miles from where I live so with moderate traffic it can take 45 minutes to 1 hour. I ended up getting a parking spot around 2 pm by a venue called The Crocodile. I went to Ganja White Night there and one of the security told me it's one of Kurt Cobain's favorite venues. I don't know how true it was because I'm a guy that likes facts but the place has a lot of history hosting some of the best music in the 80's and 90's.

As soon as I get my parking receipt situated, a homeless lady asks me for three dollars. I forget what her exact reasoning was for why she needed three but I didn't have anything to give her. I drove down on a hope and a maricle that I could get some cash for groceries and hopefully my impact panel fee. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't somewhat struggling. I told her, "No, sorry. I'm broke too. I don't have any kind of cash on me." I shouldn't have to show her my wallet but she gave me a look like I was being selfish so I proceeded to tell her again that I was broke. After that I walked away because I needed to get a move on. The parking spot was two hours max. I needed to make it back to my car at 4 pm so I could be in Tacoma by 5. Two hours was just enough for me.

However, I didn't realize how much walking I'd actually have to do. Almost one mile just to the park and then whatever the length of the park is. I didn't stick to this exact route, I walked down to the boardwalk and then north. There were a lot of people out. Cops, regular tourists and stoners everywhere. It wasn't hard to find out where to go. We were like bugs to a light.


It's insane how accurate Google is becoming with their tech. I walked quicker than average so it took me about 13 min.

So I'll just say now. I didn't know how extensive searches were going to be. My guess was the usual, probably no glass, guns, or alcohol. Once we start to get to the actual line I hear the words, "Bags and Backpacks stick to the right." This is when I started to freak out inside. I had put my hash in my water bottle but I still had other glass. In my backpack I brought a pipe and my weed container was glass. Oops. So there I am, about 50 people from being searched and I feel like my neck is pulsating so much to where I can feel my shirt move. This was one of those moments of discipline that can't be taught. At first I kept thinking, oh shit. I'm going to get arrested for sure. This is going to be an added charge, it's going to snowball and I'm fucked. I remember thinking those thoughts to myself over and over. I took a few long breaths. Was this really worth it? Should I run now? I can't ditch the bag, I put my car keys in there. A few more long breaths go by, I try it so my breathing isn't noticeable. By this time there's about thirty bags or so in front of me with four lines searching. I'm calm by now. This isn't the first time I've accepted a gamble like this. When I was younger and stupid I had some mdma almost fall off my leg while in line to a rave.

Two things were going through my mind. Either they will take my glass and send me on my way or they will take my glass and then search everything else. Now it's almost my turn, I can some of the confiscated items and the garbage cans. The searches don't look horrible but they're definitely checking. My turn, I get up there and open my bag. Two aisles over a guy gets his propane tank for his dabs taken away. My guy looks over there then casually glances in mine. By the luck of it all I got waved through. Sweet, now get me away from here as quick as possible I thought. Now I have to get to a bathroom to get my hash out.


The whole place seemed massive. So many weed smokers of all sorts. Too many food vendors to count. The first set of bathrooms had a large gathering of people waiting so I walked a bit more until I found more. I didn't have to wait so getting it out was easy. Out I went then I was on my way to the rocks by the water. This is where most of the smoking goes on.

Hash? You guys need any hash? I didn't think I would get so many weird looks asking people that. Some people spent their cash on flower and others just wanted it for free. Either way I wasn't doing too good. After the first few times I got discouraged. I didn't see a lot of cops so I kept thinking there were undercovers around. I didn't end up going all the way down the rocks soliciting. I felt weird interrupting seshs so I stuck to the path. It was already passed 2:40 so time was getting very limited. I was ok not making a bunch of money but it would've been nice. I gave a few pieces out over the course of everything for karma so I had that going.

It was worth it to see what has progressed with Hempfest since the last time I was there in 2013. From what I saw they added a ton of food vendors. I didn't think there were enough cannabis producers or artist specific glass. Their glass choice seemed to be mainly manufactured stuff.

I got back to my car with 15 minutes to spare. It felt good to be on time and stay on task, even if it didn't turn out how I planned. My car was safe from vandals and nobody asked me for cash so that made me happy. Now I have to rush back south to get to the counseling center by 5 pm. Do I have enough time to make it home and get a snack to eat? Not really but I was starving and cashless so I had to.

It was a 40 minute drive home. I got home just in time for 4:20, it was funny. The people at Hempfest were all probably sparking up too. I took a dab of Mimosa Rosin and then made some quick ghetto nachos. I didn't have time for much. I left the house at 4:35 with 20 minutes to get there.

I got there just in time with a couple minutes to spare. But one thing you should remember, make sure you change or don't smell like marijuana going into a counseling center. Since I was around weed most of the day and carrying hash in my warm sun baked pocket, I was followed by the smell of good chronic. I didn't realize how much it smelled to everyone else. The guys signing me in told me about it so I went back to my car to try and cover it.

So there I was, being that guy, spraying Lysol Glade scented shit on myself in the parking lot. It was a total stoner moment. Now I have to go back in smelling like skunk trying to cover itself with Lysol. I go get signed in and take my seat. The two guys start the class, one introduced the other and took his exit. On his way out, he walks over to me and jokingly says, "If anyone is looking for weed, it's right here," pointing down at me with two hands. It was a funny, but an embarrassing moment to be in. If he looked like anyone it would be the principal from Mean Girls.


The panel was about man's daughter who was killed by a drunk driver. She was the passenger and it was a death that rocked a community because two young adults died and the driver lived. He suffered a coma that left his brain like that of an eight year old. He was charged with vehicular homicide and served four years from his five year sentence. The panel didn't bring up any new emotions or thoughts about my crime. I've already tore myself down about it and I feel like I am passed a lot of the emotions. I understand how selfish it is to drive under the influence. I have a different outlook about alcohol now.

The class was only an hour and thirty minutes. It went by quick, most of the time spent was watching that guy's video he produced about his daughter.

So that's how my Saturday went yesterday. I got a nice scare at hempfest and a funny moment at the counseling center. Life is still a struggle. I didn't make a bunch of money. And this week I have to go do a mandatory day in jail that is also a DUI information class.

Thanks for reading a bit out of my life. I want to share more experiences with everyone as time goes on. I have stories of festivals, funny/scary drug moments, travels, death, crime and relationships/friendships that ended. Let me know what you'd like to know about me!

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Awww that looks so fun. I'd love to go to Hempfest!

Killer post let me know when you come to Portland. Would. Love to blaze with you! Steem on!


Thanks man! I'm going to try and make it down soon! DUI fees have been killing me though


I hear you keep your head up man!

And keep getting your dreams. Things will be looking up soon!


Thanks for the support and resteem man! I hope this coming week blesses you with awesomeness haha

Hey Mass, I feel the struggle! Do you have any other side hustles for making money, or are you steeming your way to income?

I'm not sure what the laws are up there, so I couldn't quite understand what you were worried they were searching you for, don't they have recreational laws in the Pacific Northwest now?

That smell stuff is so funny. I quit smoking cigarettes about a year ago now, before then I could never understand what people were talking/complaining about. Now I can smell anything from a mile away hahaha.

May God bless you and guide you on your journey.


At the moment my only side hustles are selling hat pins online or Uber eats when I get extra time. It's not anything extraordinary though. I'm hoping to Steem some of my way through it, I'm thinking mostly long term for Steem though so I won't be cashing it out.

For the amount of hash I had in my water bottle I would have easily caught a distribution charge. We are only legal to buy it from a licensed retailer here in WA. Oregon has more of the "relaxed" pot laws. If you had to choose one would you rather smell cigs or weed in the streets?

Thanks for the thoughtful comment.


Oh man there are some smells that I quite enjoy getting a wiff of! We have always subscibed to the 'smells are free' theory, so I turn up my nose and breathe deep!

I'm not too savvy on all the different laws in all the different places. Appreciate you filling me in, that's a scary situation, the only stuff we've ever smuggled is those things which we'd rather not buy on the inside.

There is a Colombian saying, 'Cargarlo puesto'
Google translate is failing me hard with 'upload it'....although....

Be careful out there!

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Thank you sir! I'm not much of a writer but it's been something I've been wanting to try out