Smoke Spot at Point Defiance

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I had the day off so I went out to this park, Owen Beach, at Point Defiance so I could have some time to myself in the woods. I love finding a little bit of peace and quiet away from anyone and everything. I don't hate anything in this world but lately routine has been overwhelming. I have to remind myself to mix it up. When it comes to people, I just don't like when people are rude or don't live up to their word. Two major things that annoy me because they're unnecessary characteristics. Empathy is always in consideration but it's hard for me to understand why humans make choices that aren't progressive for their survival or mental health.

I remember having these heavy thoughts when I went out to Point Defiance. It was a cool off sesh. I was a bit angered because I cleaned up part of the living area/kitchen that my roommate was supposed to be responsible for. I came out here to get some space to think. Even when I'm stressed I still enjoy philosophizing so I bring myself to my own understanding. Have you ever had to take care of something because of irresponsible roommate? What was it?

Guess what I had to deal with. It was a ridiculously huge king size mattress. This thing was propped up against the kitchen table taking up space. The reasoning behind this was because it would've got wet outside in the car port, which could cost more at the waste disposal center. That wasn't my excuse though. I wanted that damn thing gone since it first got out there.

I probably shouldn't have been as mad as I was but I hate taking care of other peoples' shit and people repeatedly saying something they will do but don't. Sorry about the rant. I hope by now you understand why I was angry so I can stop writing about it.

When I got to the beach, I walked along the water until I didn't see people anymore. After that I started to look for a trail up the bank from the beach. I figured there had to be a better spot somewhere up the hill. Good thing I did, I ended up finding a nice stump to sit on. I got out my rolling tools and got to work.


This is some Sweet Amnesia by Virginia Co.


And bam, there you have it. A nicely rolled backwood with a fresh moisture from the leaf.


And just when you think you're alone, a group of teens come walking up the hillside. There were five of them and if I had to guess they looked eighteen or nineteen. I talked with them for a second, told them I just came out for a walk because it was my day off. I joked that I didn't walk far enough if they found me. They continued up the hill and were out of sight within the minute or two. They slid around because of the steep loosened dirt, one of the reasons I stopped on the stump that I did.

So I spark up. I take a few deep inhales of the fine work I just rolled and felt the relief take over. I let those thoughts come back and this time my mind had a different reaction to them. I just said, "fuck it if he gets mad, we should not have had to clean up his stuff." But in a calm way. I wasn't close to the level of anger that I had before. It felt good.

Then I suddenly hear the sound of someone sliding down the loose dirt. I turn around and it's a girl, she forgot something in her car so she was going back for it. She stopped to talk with me about what she was up to with her friends. I asked if she wanted a hit then she was on her way. On her way down though she ran into a bug. She let's out this wretched scream like it's the devil staring at her. Over reaction to say the least. Her friends come running down the hill ready to save her friend, from me I guess. I'm still where I always was, she's down the hill some still screaming. They go over to her with annoyed looks and see how over exaggerated it was.

At this point, I'm ready to pack up my stuff and leave. I didn't come out her for this. But then I got the thought that I should be more open to situations like this. I decided to stay and finish smoking my blunt. I was there first after all. The group stopped where they were and came back up the hill to ask me for a hit. I didn't want to be an asshole so I said yeah. What I didn't know and I should have asked beforehand was their age. I should've put two and two together when they asked for a bounty wrap then said no because they didn't have enough weed for a backwood. They looked old enough to be out of high school but two of them were 18 and the others 17. Now I feel weird. Are they too young? I started smoking around age 13-14, then habitually around 16. I know how it looks. They got one hit, I finished my blunt then got the fuck out of there.

In summary, life can take you on weird trips. I thought I was going out for a solo smoke session and ended up being "that guy we got a hit from in the woods." I cleared my mind and everything was ok when I got home. My roommate apologized. So again I'll ask, have you ever had to take responsibility after an irresponsible roommate?

Thanks for reading and seeing a small window into my life.

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Gorgeous smoke spot! Have a chill sesh :)