First paycheck

2년 전

So it has been about two weeks since I started working.

It is an entry level job. No responsibilities except what I need to deliver. No team to manage. No reports that needs to be done.

All I need to do is clock in on time, do my tasks for the day, have my breaks and lunch, go home.

No problems in terms of making sure that people report to work, not slacking off or getting along with each other.

I keep my head low and my ego non existent.

Some of my friends and family question why I took it. Wasn't it hard to start from the bottom again? Wasn't I underutilized with my talents and skills? Didn't I yearn for more?

Honestly at this point I don't. I don't want the role of a leader. I don't want to have responsibilities. I don't want to be stressed. I want a simple life.

Although it is a major pay cut but I have learned to live within my means of almost nothing. I don't have any vices, maintenance medicines and I have low utility costs as I have been accustomed to living lean.

So when I say my first paycheck, I was happy. This is the start to recovery and for me to normalize my life again.

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Hey, @maverickinvictus.

Congratulations. I think you and I think the same with regards to the job. Since I've been back to work, one of the things I've been enjoying is not having to worry about the bottom line and whether or not everyone in the company is doing what needs to be done and is relatively content.

That hasn't stopped me from looking into what it would take to get some machines and do it myself, but for now, I've been okay learning on the job and getting paid for it.

So, I understand how you feel regarding just normalizing, and I wish you well in this new chapter of life. :)


Thanks Glen! Yeah for now I just want to keep it simple.
Maybe someday when I feel better and more confident I might try to do more but for now easy cruising.

Good stuff.

I can relate to just wanting the easy life and pretty much did the same.

However, I’m bored so trying for a a ring or two up.

Good luck 😁


Yes Asher it does get boring though when I know I can do so Much more.

Sometimes my direct superior wants something done one way but I know something better but I keep my mouth shut because I don't want to paint a bulls eye on my back by going beyond what I was hired to do. Until I get to know him better and see if he is open to suggestions.

Don't want to rock the boat this early. Laying low.

MAV??!!! well done mate, what a huge step. Best news I've read all day. One step at a time my friend , that's seriously inspiring. Best wishes to you :-)

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Thank you so much Nathen! Yes indeed it is a big step to recovery for me and I Hope to see the old me back.
Confident, strong and in control.

anything to save our own sanity is worth all the money in the world. glad youre happy!

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