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Thanks Max for your thoughts and bringing us more information.

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Morrison should swing for this along with the rest of the crims in parliament.

I caught them dispersing clouds the other day on the BOM radar the other day again.
Peekay censored (on youtube) has caught the BOM fudigng temp data to push the climate change agenda too.

I really hope that this gets seen by lots of people, so many are blind to the truths behind the fires. It is heart breaking what is happening x

Dear Max,

I've created a short post to highlight this video series on my Steemit blog. It's entitled Australia Burning while Half a Billion of its Wildlife perishes

I very much admire your calmness, as if this would be happening in my native country of Canada, I'd be too angry to keep a level head and present the information in a calm manner to properly inform the sleeping masses.

You are a true hero of truth!

God bless you!

Ya know.......1. US news is not reporting the facts and extent of this. 2. I have to ask, what is the UN agenda 2021 and 2030 for Australia? Megacities? Large human no go zones? What are the goals for Australia? That might explain much just like the weird fires here in the US that leave trees and bushes alone but burns down homes. It's crazy what these fires do now compared to the past wild fires. Tech is involved for sure. The future non human zones are strangely the areas with all these fires. I sure hope they don't have the entire island zoned for for one thing. I wonder.

You demonstrated here very well that this situation is by design and was planned quite a while ago. It's part of a road map.

Stay safe! Have an exit plan!