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The Game

Write something positive and negative about the image you are viewing now. Do not worry too much, write what you think first.

Image 1


Please choose another picture


Think of this picture too


This is the last picture. Take a look at some positive and negative topics from this picture.

Notice that you have found some positive and some negative aspects in each picture.

So what happened?

From this little exercise, you know how you are looking at your life. You can be grateful for positive things in your life. Or you can be frustrated and depressed thinking about negative things in life. The decision is yours.

The problems or troubles of your life are not easily overcome. It may take a lot of time to try to solve the problem of your life. However, our outlook on life is in our own hands. And we should focus more on the positive aspects of our lives.

Happiness depends entirely on our own will. Complaining about the prevailing situation and instead of being frustrated, we need to move the wheel of life and be glad about what we have and be grateful for it. Because many people are worse than us. If they still find the meaning of survival, then why don't we?

There is a word in English... If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. That is to say, There will always be problems in our lives. Bad news, accidents, frustrations, failures will never leave us behind. So we can not sit back and climb down. Problems can not be solved automatically. If there is any obstacle in front, do not go backward. Break it, go over it, win it. Dump the soil to the other end of the obstacle. Do something. Our problems are given to us to solve, not to stand them as an excuse.

Think of the three most difficult problems in your life right now
Yes! You really have some real problems.

Maybe -

  1. There are issues related to your personal relationship.
  2. You can stay in financial problems
  3. People around you can hurt you.
  4. You might have lost a loved one forever some days ago
  5. There is a misunderstanding with your parents
  6. You might think that you will not have anything to do
  7. You may have any type of illness


Remember that everything will not be under your control. For example -
  1. You do not have the power to make the dead alive
  2. If your family members have problems you will not be able to change them.
  3. If your beloved people leave you, you can not force them back
But your work will certainly affect the people around you.

So focus on the issues that are under your control!

Some Examples

Out of your controlUnder Your control
The way others think about youSelf-development / learning something new
Traffic jamControl yourself over time
Economic or political situation of the countrySpending time with the right circle
natural disasterTake care of yourself

You can do only two things when bad times come in life. Do your own duties to improve the situation. Otherwise, complain about it and keep your hands closed. If you are sticking to your hands and complaining, then your life will not improve. One sesame amount will not change. We have to start working for our lives. And work hard to develop yourself. In this case, the main motto is to go forward and make progress.

So what can we do while going through difficult times?

  1. Extra-curricular Activity: Start learning to play any musical instruments. Or try the size of the picture. Or concentrate on any art. You feel pretty much better than before. Your trouble has started to decrease. Convert your negative feelings into something positivist.

  2. Social Support: Studies have shown that, if people are involved socially, then people will go on fast. So keep yourself close to friends and family. Stay with them Do not be lonely.

  3. Exercise: Exercise exposes the name of endorphins and chemicals. Whenever this chemical begins to work in your brain, it reduces the feeling of pain in your mind. So whenever you are feeling upset, come running for a while, walk or cycling. It will reduce the pain of your mind a bit.

  4. Therapy: If the situation is going to be very bad in the end then go to a therapist. They will find you a special therapy for you. One-in-one trainers are increasing in our country. There can be enough competition from their work.)

If you have any suggestions about life or regarding this article, feel free to let me know through the comment section.

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What an awesome coming back!
Wish the readers actually read and understand the zist of this motivational article.


Thanks, @sherbanu I am also getting motivated by you.

Really,you are intelligent sir @mdshahin786.
Wow!it's great to see your bolg again.
Thanks for giving us a nice post.

This was a very good read. Most of us need to hear these things from time to tome to remember them. We must strive to control want we can and not worry about what we can not. I am glad I learned this lesson in life early even it if was hard. Take care all.