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Negative thinking can reduce your self-confidence and may be the biggest obstacle to your success. It will deprive you of happiness and kill your self-confidence. In the previous day, I published the first part of "The power of positive thinking". Check here

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  1. The placebo effect is one of the wonders of the medical world
  2. In this method, doctors provide nominal medicines to see the actual improvement of the patients, which do not actually have any effect on the medicine.
  3. Some patients recover with this medication
  4. Because you are recovering, this belief really makes you healthy
  5. You will be fit, This belief can really give you a sense of well-being. You can really cure it.
  6. Crux, Your mind is so strong that it can make you physically fit
  7. This is called "perception is a projection". Which means we take it as the truth that we see, hear or feel. Our mind-brain was created this way

In other words, your mental strength is so much, that it can make you physically fit!


The skill comes only when we focus on a particular quality that is constantly borrowed. Everyone who has climbed to success in life has achieved all this through a strong skill in a specific field. Discover your own affection and intrinsic qualifications or potential. And keep working on it till the full skill comes. Make yourself an expert on a topic. The efficiency of a job is a lot more than a job.


Suppose, you are thinking of buying a new Toyota Allion. And keeping the car in mind, you are doing a lot of things. Your subconscious mind automatically assumes that you are looking for a Toyota Allion and you are looking for Toyota Allion information. You might not have noticed Toyota Allion before when you walked. But now it will not avoid your attention. Because your brain has now focused on that particular topic.

What is the necessity of the Law of Attraction?

  1. We look back often on what we focus on and we draw it to ourselves.
  2. As much as we think about positive or negative issues, we will see more positive or negative events happening in front of us.
  3. For example, if we want to be the CEO of a company one day, we should see ourselves as a CEO. Working like a CEO, talking and walking. And this mentality will make us one day CEO.
  4. Can you ever build a building in the open field: If you can not see the building in the open field in your mind?
  5. The main thing is to be sure of what we want and then to focus on it and not until it is achieved. So, change your thoughts to a more positive side. You will see positive things happening around you.

This is all for today. Will be back soon with another part. Till then keep fine.

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Always think positive and everything will be positive