In The Hall Of The God King



All was quiet as the family approached and placed gifts at my feet before backing away respectfully.

I raised my right eyebrow a centimetre so that they would know this pleased me.

The woman shaped one made those strange squawking noises with her face trumpet and pointed at two of the wrapped gifts.

Despite the words being high pitched gibberish I understood.

Here, here are the gifts that will please you most my Lord. Pray, let us live for another year.

I nodded. We would see.

I poked at the littlest gift with my foot. It rattled as if containing glass beads. I frowned. Beads? I had no need for beads.

Before my wrath could blossom, the little girl shaped creature ran forward and placed a cup of brown gold in my hand.

I nodded and took a satisfied sip. It was good. All was as it should be.

I opened the gifts. One by one. They were various baubles and edibles suitable for a God-King such as myself. The only lack appeared to be the absence of a Gibson Guitar.

The woman-shaped thing, sensing my disappointment made a placating gesture with her hands. Then cupping motions aimed at the sky.

Once again, I didn't need to know her language to understand.

Let me please you with my flesh my Lord. If only you will let us live.

I steepled a finger under my chin and nodded.

You have pleased me greatly. I shall suffer you to live this next year hence.

The creatures shrieked in joy and leapt up and down clutching at each other in this moment of snatched joy.

I nodded.

All was as it should be.

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  ·  작년

The God-King is ever so wise and humble. Long may you live and reign! Happy 2xth birthday for the 2xth time, milord! I hope you had a prosperous one!


The 2x is with me!!! Cheers dudester!!

Yeah Right!!!!!!.

[Google the 'yeah right' adds in NZ, then you will get it]


I think I get it without the googling!!

Happy Birthday and glad you pardoned the family for one more year. You mentioned you received beads. By any chance did you lose the last lot and won't tell anyone where they might be lol.


Lol, it was sweets actually! I am glad they get the chance to live another year. They deserve it this time for sure! And cheers!

  ·  작년

  ·  작년

The graces you bestow on those commoners surrounding you....


I know, I am so benevolent!!

Hahaha, epic! Sorry I'm so late, left early this morning- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME BOOM!!


Cheers lass!!



Hehe thank you very much. I love a good birthiversary!

Happy Birthday Papa Boom!

Well, belated now.. But glad to know you were once birthed🤣


Well, thank you. I admit it, I was shoved out into this world via a lady!

  ·  작년

Monarch of all you survey
If only for a single day


The day may seem like a number of hours but for others it is a lifetime!

  ·  작년

ahhahaha! "The woman-shaped thing!" lol..sir meesterboom does The Good Lady read your posts? lol.


She used to, when the money was giant but now not so much... Thankfully!

Happy Birthday! Nice to see everything is fine in your castle...
I see no mention of the little Boom... I think you should be weary of that one, never know when he gets it into his head he's the heir to the throne and starts plotting against you.


I like to presume the plotting has already begun! He slept most of the day having had an awfully disturbed night!


No doubt the woman you mentioned was by his side most of the time... how convenient!


It's strange how convenient these things are!! Heh heh :0D


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