Shaky Shaky Beers!

3년 전


I'm feeling SHAKY!!

Shaky for beer and not just any old beer... Milk shake beers!

And no, I don't mean milk from the udders of a drunk street-wife after she has fallen down a fire escape!

Milk shake beers... Hmm, what the hell are they trying to do, lure my children into a life of sozzled beer'ery!?

They might be luring me into one. I love milk shakes and despite the idea being somewhat of an anathema to the real beer drinkers that used to plague me on chat/discord back in Steemit's heyday, I think they sound awesome.

And the very idea seems to do the oddest things to a man. The Bear-Man couldn't stop being Taylor Swift yesterday!?

Me, I kept thinking of that good old fashioned British icon. The incredibly terrifying... Shakin Stevens???

Yarrgh, I mean that's fucking horrifying. Couldn't we afford a slightly better cut-rate Elvis than that?

Where was I?

Ah yes, shaky beers.

Let's go!


Enfant Terrible, I do believe that is French for something, perhaps The Fat Onion?

No matter. Apparently this is a marriage of French hops and English malts to create a nonconformist beer. Throw in some lactose (eh!?) and it's milk shaky.

I don't know about you but the lactose bit just makes me think of lardy milk-fat being thrown in. Boak!

It's awfully weak too, 3.1!? I've had stronger ice lollies.

But let's taste it and see!


Oh. Oh dear. Well this looks like some peely -wally shit.

I mean, it sort of looks like that cheap supermarket lager you used to get in the eighties that one of your friends would always buy with some porno magazines.

Let's be nice. It could be amazing?

Oh my god, this is an imposter. It's like a ghost beer. It's hardly there. like that shitty infused water that health freaks like to drink but with added bitter and pissy.

Pfft, 1/10 booms!!

Bad child!

Fingers crossed they aren't both going to be gash.

What's next? The devilish...


Ten dollar shake! Who the fuck would pay ten dollars for a shake? Unless it was a shake of the penis variety??

And what the fuck is a dollar anyway?

So. Shaky shake. Shake shake...

Couldn't resist that after seeing Asher drop it in my comments yesterday!!

But enough of the lithesome Swifty!

Siren Craft Brewing used more fruits than have ever been seen on this earth in the brewing of this. A combo of mango, papaya and passion fruit.

Let's not forget the lactose...


Look at this, is like a lion ate the sun and pissed into a glass. And that head, like Santa's beard!

Let me at it!

Ah, a beautiful fruity punchy IPA. Bags of flavour and bitterness with a long smooth vanilla finish. Must be the lactose. It's so fruity it's almost sticky.

I feel like I am basking in the embrace of a broken nuclear reactor. Top notch, a solid 8/10 booms!!

That's a relief after the first one was such a dud.


Have a good weekend and cheers everyone!

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'It's awfully weak too, 3.1!? I've had stronger ice lollies.'

I just wonder ... Is the Bear-Man a beer drinker himself? And does he do some pre-tasting as well?
Rotgut like that you shouldn't even suggest to your worst enemy


He is quite the beer drinker. I think some beer dudes are way more forgiving than me. At the tasting I was at there were some of them marveling over this beer that I thought was utter shit. I'm just too common a man!!

Double-denim, oh my! Quickly on to Taylor after the first nil points effort, and I feel like my Saturday evening has begun!

Forgot about number 2......

Ahh yes, the Papaya - I could see it's presence in the glass :D

Right, best make my way to the local then - cheers for the inspiration Boomy!


As long as the inspiration is to drink beer then I'm happy to have supplied it!!!

Don't double Denim though!! :0D


What about triple?! :O


BOOM!! no one could imagine such a concept till now!!! Lol!! :0D

That sounds horrible.. who puts milk in beer? Wankers that's who


Exactly! I thought it would be worth a try but the wankage was too high!

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@meesterboom, hooo, nooo, what a bad beer. I knew that something was up to the giant, to make such dances just to be able to sell the beer., to others soft with an apple juice.
At least the second went well.
I wish you a wonderful weekend


It was a shocker. I was glad to have that second one to save the day!!

Good thing you accidentally started with the bad one? XD

I still can't get over the idea of milkshake beer. Why would you ruin a milkshake like that XD


I had my doubts about the first when I saw the weak-ass strength of it so I was lucky I put it first!!

I have a feeling you were an 'enfant terrible' - a child saying improper things to adults, and have not yet outgrown it hahaha


Lol, would it surprise you if I told you I was a quiet, studious and shy child!


No not really - I had one like that in my class - still visiting us and is now a man in his 30's and is catching up on what he missed out during his shy period


I managed to shake it off by the time I got to my mid teens but blimey, my younger than that days were a sea of blushes and hiding!


Don't worry, I think you have made up for it hahaha

haha! howdy sir meesterboom, tremendous reviews! that first video was one of the worst things I've ever seen! lol.


It was a poor excuse for a beer indeed!! Cheers dude!


Yes, I don't recall a rating of 1/10 before!


I think the lowest I might have done is a 2 as usually a funky can design saves them!


Wow sir meesterboom, I can only imagine what a 0/10 would be like! I hope you find one someday just so we can see your reaction!
Do you ever tell Bear-Man if they are good or bad?

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