The one thing that is holding us ALL back in life

10개월 전

You set a goal.
You defined your outcome.
You created a plan.


you failed.

This is something that has happened to all of us.

why is that?

we have all set goals that were out of reach
and often been the recipient of bad luck,


for many of us,
self sabotage is the cause of our ultimate downfall.


Let me dive a little deeper.

We all have complex beliefs about our selves. With strong roots from our childhood, we have ideas about who we are, how we should behave and what we are capable of.

This is where things get interesting.

What would happen if you set a weight loss goal, but you hold a self belief that you are fat.

Deep down,
somewhere in your core beliefs,
you have chosen that you are fat

and now

you actually believe that fat is a part of who you are.

What will happen when lose weight?

For most of us the answer is the same.
We will experience an internal tension.
Some part of us will disagree with the results that we have created.
We will resist.

With each pound you lose you increase this tension.
Overtime it will become overwhelming.

And eventually

you will find yourself eating chocolate cake,
watching reruns on your couch.

How can we change?

One option is to work slowly.
With any change, slow and consistent effort is key to sustainable change.


you still must endure this time of being in between.

what if there was another way??

What if rather than changing a behavior, we changed the belief?

how would you act if your beliefs were different??


Lets try an experiment

Choose something about yourself that you want to change.
It can be anything, but let's stick to one thing at a time.

now ask yourself

If ________ was different about me, I would act __________.

Write down everything you would do.

Now try

If _________ was different about me, I would feel __________.
Take a moment to embrace these emotions.
Write down each emotion you would feel.

The more effort you exert, the more change you will create.

what's really cool is that as you are imagining yourself in this new state, you are actually telling your brain that you have already made the change!

it can't tell the difference!

Each time you do this exercise, you change your beliefs.

who will you become??

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Fitness is the most basic and important required Gole of our body but still we not ever focus on it.

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Good post @metama
Yes, our belief shapes our thoughts and attitudes and eventually our intention and action.

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It is a pleasure for me, to read this type of content here in steemit, so I learn to make my publications ... Thank you for your contribution, from VENEZUELA I wish you the best and the greatest success


glad you enjoyed the post @petertomas

@metama great job breaking down a complex thing. Little is much - hard work and perseverance can lead to success!

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@missaj you hit the nail on the head ... for so long I wanted to see results overnight. I would struggle for a short period of time and then give up ... it's all about consistent effort!


I’ve been trying to do the small things right myself ; we have to create the environment for big things to happen.

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what is the most important thing that you want to achieve ?

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The whole belief system is directly co related to self consciousness. You see What is portrayed in the media still lets you sub conscious believe you should be a certain way when really it's up to us how we want to feel. Excellent post keep up the good work!!!!


thanks @durianwalker ... my dad leaves the tv on a news channel all day. Whenever I see this I think what subconscious messages are they spewing into the world with their voices?. When you don't take responsibility for this part of yourself, someone else will!

Great post, very interesting read. Glad I stumbled across your profile.
Ps. Welcome to earth.


Jajajaja glad to be here @michaeljn

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Visualization is a great techique to achieve your goals, based in meditation🧘🏾‍♂️. Control emotions. See things in perspective. Great tool here steemians !!! 🤯🤯😜😜😜😊

Have a great, great day!!!😘

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thanks @marc5 ... what do you use visualization for?

Nice peep talk. I'm tired of seeing people crash n burn

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This ties right into creating efficient habit patterns for yourself by doing something consistently for 21 days. Which is basically programing your body memory or subconscious. Coz the conscious mind is a lazy slow moving sob. :)


check out my article on how to do this step by step.


Drop a link in the comments @mysticzealight

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Love this post- I'd like to reference a book called The Fantasy Bond (the structure of psychological defenses) by Robert W. Firestone
Talk about mind opening, for anyone who relates to this post and wants to dive in deeper. Thanks for the share, @metama


hmmm I'm intrigued @minnerz22 ... may have to add it to my book list

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i like this writer,give me power,thank you

Hey @metama
Excellent 👍 quote

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I am so glad to see a post like this since I am still exploring steemit. It helps me find my bearing at the moment since I don' know where to start. Have a nice day and I'm looking forward to your next post.

It's always important to reflect and make self-realizations in order to improve and grow.