Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation,according to these scholars

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No thanks.It should never be accepted by the society.

Culture is not sacred and offending it is suggested, advised, and recommended. We must always be sticking an iron beam into the wheel of culture and crashing it, to relook and revised it after we break it. The enemy comes in two fold:

  1. Those who make great meaning out of culture and use it as a trojan horse to appeal to Western desires for inclusion so that we may include culture that is hurtful to humanity or that empowers people whose 100 year view of humanity is not one of empowering everyone, and

  2. Those who are progressive and fail to observe the deeper intent of that trojan horse.

"Tolerate the Tolerant, and be brutally intolerant of the intolerant." Quote me on it. I will make that the cornerstone of the West if I have any meaning to my life.

Do not be empathetic to those who wish to undermine the push on others of the need to be empathetic, defending he helpless, and the decentralization of power. Crush them instead.

Tolerate the tolerant, and be brutally intolerant of the intolerant. The intolerant and bigoted are not equal to other humans in their right to representation, inclusion, and happiness.

I call it being a hawkish progressive. We must look at where culture in the present takes us in 100 years, and battle in the present all momentum that undermines that 100 year vision.

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This may be true and I actually agree with the title. With that said - these unfortunate souls have no place in our society.

This crime is one of the few that I believe to be un-redeemable, meaning there is no return to society after committing such an act.

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You might describe anything as "natural" for in some sense it is, everything in the physical world is nature. A great many nowadays employ the argument that because something is natural it is good, but they fail to realize that this is fallacious since that assumes nature and the good are synonymous, which renders the argument tautological. Furthermore, if nature is good then nothing in the physical world is bad, which is purist, and unless you think all bad is supernatural (and evil has no physical manifestation in the natural world, therefore there is no bad there), this should be unconvincing.

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