Amusing Collection :D

10개월 전

I like the collections of kitchenware such as, for example, this collection of coffee grinders.


But apparently, somebody liked one of these coffee grinders so much ...


that its place is empty now :D

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Charm !!!
I really liked it, I would not have refused to have a couple of such coffee grinders!
Yes you are right.
Apparently he really wanted to try a coffee from this coffee grinder :-)))


Exactly! Thanks a lot that you noticed it :D


Many people now do not have enough time.
Therefore, we prefer what is quickly prepared.
But I think that it is very pleasant to grind coffee in such a beautiful coffee grinder and at the same time enjoy the aroma of ground coffee :-))

Great photos @mindsoul and these grinders look quite interesting!

Me parece muy gracioso que haya desaparecido un molinillo. Que buen comentario el tuyo. A muchos nos encanta el café, pero ¿hasta ese punto?


Thank you very much for your funny comment :D

Wow, I've never seen such things. How wonderful and vintage. I would love to have a few in my kitchen as decoration although I quit drinking coffee. Bit I still have a great respect for the wonderful beverage. Nice find! 😄


I fully agree with you regarding this collection. But I would like to try ground coffee on one of these coffee grinders also. Many thanks for your nice comment :D