60-Year-Old Man Becomes A Fashion Model After Growing A Beard (10+ Pics)

5년 전

Source : boredpanda.com

Bored Panda invited me to tell my story, so here it is:

I studied law but never practiced and instead worked in the movie #business and #advertising. Due to personal reasons I started a new job in April 2015. For the fun of it I decided to grow my #beard thinking it would be a mess, but people said they liked it. This happened many times and so I realized maybe I should try being a #model. I started being more careful with the way I dress and understood that maybe I had something. That is when I went to see agencies, and that's when my career began. I was almost 60 by then.

I really love what I am doing and get great pleasure from doing it. What else could I ask for? Maybe to work for a huge international campaign like #Chanel or #Dior. We all have dreams. And this buzz could help. Who knows.

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I wonder why photos do not appear, is it because of https ?


You need https on the upload site you choose.


The images are all https from imgur :/