All the hard work has finally started to pay off!

4개월 전


The last 14 months have been a real struggle for us, my girlfriend and I...

Double shifts at work...

Saving some money here and there just in case an opportunity pops up...

Buying steem whenever we had some spare money...and at the same time, dealing with real life problems...huge ones.


And then one day...she comes back home saying:

”-Guess what! I bought a coffee shop...with our savings!”

-You did what??

”Yeah, I thought that it was a one in a lifetime I made no second thoughts. I just did it!”

Making an investment in Greece isn’t as easy as it sounds, trust me on that.

I like taking risks, and so does she. Otherwise I wouldn’t have get involved into crypto world in the first place....

So long story short, after countless hours of hard work and patience...I have to admit that she was I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

If you ever decide to visit Greece...don’t hesitate to contact me...

Beers are on the house of course.

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You had me at beers!

Actually you had me long before that, maybe over a year ago when I first started following you. I can’t remember the last time I saw a post of yours because of the craziness that has become my life over the last while. Ah who is kidding who, a crazy life is the best life.

I wish I could get to Greece and meet you to behold your entrepreneurial empire as it launches. Here’s hoping the crypto investment becomes a good augmentation for the ups and downs of owning your own business. Imagine crypto being the stabilizer?!? Yikes! At the very least, we should have a little something for retirement if there is not a moonshot in the next few years.

The hard work will continue to pay off and I am glad to see you doing well.

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I am blushing...

Thanks for all the amazing comments you drop and for sticking around ...while others keep quitting.
I'd love to meet in person some time and drink a beer or two....or twelve...talking and having fun.
You are by far the best commenter -and not only around and a great man above all.

PS. I am still bullish on crypto...for some weird reason...


To tell you the truth, I was embarrassed to find I had missed some regular posts of yours over the last while when I remember reading every day. I thought you were one of the ones caught up in real life and returning to us. Turns out it is my goofy schedule and I have just settled into a pattern that made me miss your posts.

So I can stow the WELCOME BACK! and just celebrate my scattered attention from picking you up in my increasingly growing feed.

You have rocked a very long time and we are here for good.

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Great move - I wish you a lot of fun and success with this endeavour.

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Thanks so much Marius! I know you travel a lot, so I'd be happy to see you around here sometime!!!

It really feels like you guys deserve this and earned this and have this maybe as a bandaid on all the huge challenges you had to survive <3 Awesome. So happy for you. Enjoy this incredible milestone. I'm coming for a beer as soon as I can afford a flight.


Ha! I know we will meet some time soon sweetie! Thanks for the kind words.Glad you are around

Best of luck bro!


Thanks my man!

It looks bustling and like you're really doing well with the cafe. Greece is such a wonderful country. I've visited the area twice, once to Corfu and a few other islands when I was a young man then later in life to Athens to see the sights with my ex. I loved everything about Greece; the warm weather and even warmer hearted people. Food and drink, and the crystal seas of the islands.

Best of luck with the cafe and your life in that fantastic country.

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Oh it’s so good to hear that you had such a great time here. Not that it’s my country but it’s definitely one of the best places to visit all over the world. And Corfu specifically...just so classy!

Thank you for your kind words my friend!

The place looks hopping form those photos. Great to hear it's going well.

Congratulations. Best of luck ... :)

You didn't say where it is ...


Ειναι στην Αργυρουπολη. Αν σε βγαλει ποτε ο δρομος προς τα εδω ελα να πιουμε καφεδακι!

Congrats and good luck, mate!


A hug for you!

Very nice pictures, mindtrap. It is really fullhouse. I wish you that the overload will relax.


Now it's even harder @suntree! Hopefully we'll get there though...


Do look, breathe deeply and relieve your inner whenever you can, even if you have to do a lot :D

All the best for the new endeavor! The place looks good!

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Thanks so much my friend!