It was just as good as it looks...

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You know...from time to time, you have to find some time for yourself and yourself only. To dig deep down into your mind and find those buried thoughts and dreams that make you happy.

Happiness...what a word huh? So close and yet so far.

With all those changes that are taking place in my life lately, I barely had time to do what I love most. Be close to the sea...swim freely...

Well today was one of those days where you get to a point to say enough is enough. So I found an excuse for not going to my day job and spent the entire day to my favorite spot.

Well, that was until a couple of hours ago aka 8:30 PM.

A quick bath and straight to the coffee shop where I am writing these lines.

Also took this shot while the sun was going down. To be honest, I kinda love this pic. I hope that it can make you chill. Just imagine being there should work just fine...or not.

Let me know in the comment section below!

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I used to go to the sea shore as well, from time to time when I feel I need some loneliness to "clean" my head... just looking and listening to the is so relaxing...
Good pic.


Oh man I know..
I am fortunate enough to live 3 minutes away from the sea. It’s a blessing actually...


2’ for me when I’m at the office 😉

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Ha! I meant on foot though :P

I hope your boss don't read that post. ;)

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I hope he does. That means he has finally made an account

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