Let's just say that...

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...the price of steem for some reason was sitting at 20$. Would that be an exit point for you? And what sort of impact would it have to your life?

During the last few days with the rise of BTC, lots of people tend to believe that this is the beginning of a new bull run. Just to be clear, I don't really think we are nowhere near that but anyway...

I know that the majority of users created a steem account during the previous bull run and some got caught in the hype and invested in steem or other coins as well while prices were really really high. And then...the bear woke up...and she's asleep for 17 full months now...so it's not irrational for someone to start dreaming big again with the first spike in prices.

So let's take that crazy scenario where steem is sitting at 20$ as we speak.

Would that be a life changing factor for you?

Are you holding enough of these tokens to live a better life?

Would you quit your job once and for all?

Would you invest in something else?

Would you travel more?

I am really looking forward to see your answers.

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If that happens I'll take out half of my SP, buy a nice mobile home and will be cruising through Europe (and maybe even further away) for at least 3 years.


Sounds good to me mate. Traveling all over? I'll take that any day.

I wonder what would it take to be on permanent vacations...:P


And forgot to say that I'm absolutely visiting Greece and drink those beers together we talked about the other day ...


Aha. And I thought you forgot that on purpose :)

Greetings, friend @mindtrap. Hopefully the value of the "steem" will go up. I don't have much and that's why the answers to your questions are impossible, but it would help me to overcome the critical economic situation in my country and could solve some things, not many because hyperinflation is killing us, but I would appreciate it. In addition, I would be happy to know that those who have enough can make profits and profits from a rise in steemit crypto currencies. Happy day to you.

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