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Hello activists, startup entrepreneurs and friends of love and peace!
from the 23rd to the 25th of June the FESTIVAL PAX TERRA MUSICA takes place in Niedergörsdorf, to the south of Berlin!
According to organizers:

  • During 3 days we get the possibility to meet us, to discuss and to get to know each other. The festival should connect the people, reach new people and also new, common actions offer the possibility to organise.
  • beside the peace movements, alternative projects will also fancy. Local agriculture, really with lasting effect working enterprises, alternative media, local monetary systems, etc.

Everybody who work on a better future for everybody is invited! Here is the link:

So, here is what you get:

  • Place for hundreds of exhibitors,
  • A stage for panel discussions and talks,
  • Meeting places for open discussions,
  • Place for Workshops,
  • Place for actions,
  • everything all around

This will be a gigantic - internationally straightened - event with exhibition, peace fair and a lot of music! We´ll see us in June in Berlin!

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There will be a Pax Terra Musica 2018 only at another location.
Check out the new website (only in German for now, sorry)
and the new Steemit Account. :)