Got Rekt Again!


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I got rekt this time last year, actually, I've gotten rekt around this time twice before, this time last year, and 2 years before that and believe me, both were epic. Today's gist will be about the one that happened last year.

So there I was, my stupid self, scrolling through my feed on steemit, then I saw this dude posting about a platform that rewarded users for watching videos online, it was a very interesting Idea, I went ahead and checked out the platform, it seemed nice and catchy, so I signed up and referred my two friends.

Immediately I got 5 videos to watch, which I earned a couple of cents for watching, it gets even more interesting when you have to upgrade your tier to get access to more videos which then inturn increases your earnings.

Funny thing was that, the earnings were actually turning up weekly so it was only smart to turn in the earnings to earn more, or so we thought, at that point, my friends were already on tier 3! While I was still on tier 1 trying to figure out if it was really the jackpot lol.

At some point, I made a withdrawal and boom it worked, it was a brief moment of ecstasy, people like to see that kind of thing right? Some proof! Scam well played!

So there was a Tier level where users got access to unlimited amount of videos to watch per day, ofcourse one had to pay to be there, at this point, my friends began to scurry around for funds to raise their tiers, I wasn't left out, I mean we were all friends weren't we? I was looking for funds to raise my ass to tier 2 because I was still really skeptical about the whole thing.

Guess who our source of funding was? Neoxian bank buhahahahaha…..!ha!

In our heads, we thought if we invested enough, we would pay off our loan before it even got due, smartypants! We were such clowns that had no idea about the mechanics of the platform, neither did we do enough or any research.

3 days after we all upgraded our tiers, the bomb was dropped, the site was shutdown and when it eventually opened, withdrawals were disabled! After another 1week, the site was shutdown again, this time for maintenance, it was back and forth for another week, then at some point it was down for good. We had 1 week to pay back Neoxian bank or be powered down.

If you've ever been scammed, first you don't want to admit it, you're caught up in the denial stage, then you start to hope,….hope that you just weren't scammed, meanwhile a tiny voice in your head says otherwise… scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam hahaha scam



Anyway, people get scammed everyday, I was just stupid and had ignored all the signs, moreover, what I had invested wasn't so much compared to the others, or at least so I thought. It was a flop, but the major flop was realising I had borrowed steem from Neoxian bank I had to pay back.

The business which was supposed to pay for the loan had flopped, my Steem power was my collateral, then coupled with this, Steem price began to drastically fall in price, what could have taken me 3 power downs to pay back took me about 7 power downs. It was awful to watch my Steem drain away.

I couldn't even use a power down to take myself to a nice treat for Christmas, all I did was watch it go down and down while steem price didn't help at all, my account balance drained away, it was really horrible, I paid so much for a little mistake.

As for my friends, their accounts were pretty drained too, much worse than mine, top tier level lmao! If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. Lesson well learnt.

Thanks for your handkerchief, Sobbs, I'm better now.

I'm a huge fan of the loan service Neoxian bank provides, I've been in countless situations where I needed instant liquid cash and Neoxian bank helped me through it and because I pass the banks criterias I can almost always have access to it. We all know how long it takes to gain access to steem in steem power, the bank has helped mitigate the horrors of that to an extent, as long as you know you're returning it as agreed.

Well well well, I finished paying the loan around late December and its been power up ever since. Like I said, I'm much better now, such thing can't repeat itself naaa.

Have you ever been rekt? How did you deal?

Thanks for reading.

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I'm sorry to hear this, best to learn and move on.

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Thanks crypticat, I'm much better now, thanks for your comment.

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