A reason to smile

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It is an easy observation that almost all of the people around us are busy with their life and the same thing goes for us. We hardly give ourselves time to smile, to enjoy and make some fun especially when we are no more in the childhood phase. Even the children nowadays are so much burdened by the tough study that they have hardly any free moments but there are always some exceptions.

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I once sat with an old man in our locality who was as lively as a kid. He used to take a swim. He used to play cricket game. He used to cut jokes. He used to smile and laugh. I was so much inspired by his way of thinking that I started becoming a part of his circle of friends despite the age difference. Ultimately, we became good friends. He told me that he has a business from which he earns handsome money but he never goes for the money which can take away his life's pleasures. He told me that he always takes out time from his business and enjoy his life by going on trips and finding different ways to smile.

This was a rare story for me as I always have seen people running after the money and almost all of them die during this chase. It Is really compelling me to think that whether we are going towards a completely dull machine life? Are we becoming money-worshippers? Is the only purpose of our life is to earn? Is the only purpose of our life is to construct buildings?

It is indeed a sorry state for all of us and we must think how to make excuses to smile and enjoy. I know everyone is busy in his/her life but we must keep in mind that life should be our priority and not money.

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There are many families nowadays with 2 working parents and the children are in daycare or school. Yes, they earn lots of money, and once a year they go on a fancy vacation somewhere together. Sometimes they own a boat and go out on the lake a few times each summer. And then there are other families with one working parent, usually the dad, and the mother stays home to raise their children herself. These people can't afford expensive vacations to exotic places, but they take car trips and do smaller things as a family. Each of these kinds of people are doing what they think is best. Yet my first example hardly ever sees each other or has time to enjoy life except when they are on vacation. The second example is more likely to have time for fun along the path of life, but there is less money. I suppose it all depends on what matters most to people.


Your analysis is right on spot. I totally agree with your point of view but I have seen some people who prioritize money over family which is bad.