Exploitation of the weaker points

3년 전

I daily play the game of Cricket for an hour or so and it provides me with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It is a very good exercise since we play for hours without even noticing how quickly the time passes.
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In every game, one has to find the weaker spots in the opposing line to get a maximum advantage but cricket is such a gem in which you have to spot each and every player and their stronger and weaker points. There is another interesting thing to note about Cricket and that is the change of plan according to the varying strengths of players on a particular day. A player who can barely play a shot can get inform on a certain and take the ballers to the cleaners. Similarly, a bowler who was normally an ordinary one can use his skills and brain to overcome the capability of a great batsman. So one has to be ready all the time to exploit the weaker points in opponents.

This exploitation of weaker points is what makes you successful in a cricket match but some people try to draw a comparison between the game of cricket and real life situations to get advantage over other people by looking at their faults and exploiting them. I would say that this search for other people’s faults is totally unethical and highly condemnable. In my view, one cannot expand the dynamics of a game to the real life in many ways. When in game, we try to knock the opponent; in the real life, we should be more cooperative and beneficial. We need to find ways in which not only we get the maximum advantage but also the people around us because it is the right of every human to live a pleasant life.

Our success should not be on the dead bodies of our fellow human beings.

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