Replica of the past

3년 전

Yesterday, I was watching a documentary which focused on a topic which has haunted me for years now. Have you ever experienced that almost the same kind of situation and scenario occurred with you that had occurred many years or months ago? I feel this thing a lot and this interesting repetition haunted me for years till I got an answer while watching a TV show by chance.
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The anchor got the expert view of the psychologists, doctors and religious scholars and all of them agreed with each other except a Hindu religious scholar. The majority of them were of the view that when we have to pass through similar kind of situation, we think like we are passing through the same situation. It has no connection whatsoever with our previous experience. Contrary to the majority, Hindu scholar believed that this perception that we have experienced the same situation again is due to the second-birth of a person. Most of the Steemians would know that in Hinduism there is an interesting concept of second birth. The Hindus believe that a human has to be born again if he/she dies and the status of that person after second-birth depends on the way he spent his/her life in the first birth.

Have you experienced the repetition of the same situation again? I am curious to know that what you think about it...

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