Winds of Change and entrenched mafias

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The Newton’s first law of motion states that “Every object tends to continue its state of rest or motion unless and until subjected to an external force”. This law which is also called the Law of Inertia doesn’t apply to physical phenomenon solely but also to the human nature and the prevailing system of governance.
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Let us first start from the human nature and the effect of a change on it. It is always difficult to change human nature and to back my argument, I am going to give you an example from the daily life. I have a friend who always wakes up very late since his childhood and this habit of him has somehow crept into his DNA. He always used to come late to the school but he had to face a big dilemma when we took admission in University. In the University, the classes would start at 8 AM early in the morning and my friend would always reach late but as the time passed he had to adjust himself to the changed timing after a hard struggle but never ever changed completely.

Now I would extend the same example to the statecraft. It is very hard for the officials of the power corridors to change themselves when the system changes because they are accustomed to corruption and misuses of powers. In our country, Pakistan, the elections a month ago resulted in the collapse of the old dynastic two-party system and the introduction of a new party into the government. The mafias who are so much infused into the old rotten system are finding it difficult to change themselves but I am sure they will change themselves because if they don’t change themselves, the system will change them.

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Thanks for your insightful post. There is a lot of change coming to the system/s of the world!