Lifestyle Change – Drinking Water

3년 전

Hey Steemians, today I wanted to share a little small that has made a drastic impact to my daily life.

Water, Water, Water is all I need

Going to work, attending meetings, hanging with friends, Steeming, planning, learning, the list goes on. My life is indeed a busy one but recently having spent time on Steemit and rethinking life a little. I want to make the smaller changes count and work towards a major restructure in lifestyle in the coming months. To be a better version of myself is the theme of this year. I hold health and lifestyle as one of the highest priorities in my life. I sat down for a while in reflection, asking myself a few questions.

How was I feeling? --- Am I performing? ----Where am I going?  

Self-reflection has been a valuable process and I have been using it to find some weaknesses as of late. One of the biggest themes in my recent life is simply not looking after my health as much as I should. I want to feel that burst of energy in the morning, to approach my busy schedule with zeal and still have more in the tank to pedal a few miles in the evening. Where was I going wrong? Why was I so tired and fatigued. Sometimes it almost felt I was lagging.  

Clearing the fog

My mind was cloudy, unfocused and in disarray. I wanted things to get back on track. I started sleeping more, getting rest was difficult on certain days but I made a conscious decision to sleep or at least reach a state of rest on time to recharge for the next day. It did wonders for me but I still felt unfocused. Where I would normally excel in thinking with clarity, things were still a little muddled. I started hitting the gym a bit harder and there it clicked.

Thirsty, very thirsty. I had been filling my day to day beverages with juices, coffee and general rubbish. Hitting cardio harder and harder made stimulated my cognitive function to a certain extent but it really was the water that made a huge difference. I was faced with another issue though, coming from a dehydrated state it was difficult to get into the habit of drinking large volumes of water. I felt bloated most of the time, water retention almost. It was a terrible feeling and I decided to look into what was going on.
I got some advice to cut out salt from my diet and stick to sipping water. All day, everyday… Sip, Sip and sip some more. Sometimes I just wanted to chug it all. After a while the bloating lessened until I was feeling mobile, energised. I couldn’t really believe that a simple change to my diet and a few other steps taken to alleviate certain symptoms would make such a huge difference.

So in honour of water (we are mostly made u of it) here are some of the benefits to drinking it by the bucket loads…Well in moderation:

Flushing away toxins is essential. I was given advice to drink warm water often and to avoid cold drinks. I have been looking into detox methods but yet to come up with a definitive plan around this.   

Energy of Life
We are made mostly out of water, drinking water is like supercharging our batteries and adding engine oil at the same time. It’s a mega boost in all directions.

Weight Loss
Replacing junk habits with plain water has worked wonders for my physique. It’s supplemented my physical performance, done away with the cramps and perhaps boosted my metabolism.    

Looking Better
Yes, water really helps you look better, hydrating your body moisturises the skin and really gives back a radiant visage.  

In addition to all this, I really feel that with rest and lots of water, my immune system is benefiting tenfold. It may not prevent ailment entirely but it is certainly a contributing factor to healthy wellbeing. Migranes have vanished and my mind is sharper – Water really does wonders for the human body.

My greater message here though is – I felt a sense of discontent and needed some change. The time I took to self-reflect was a valuable action in itself. Sometimes stepping back for a moment and making the smallest changes in life can make a huge change for the better.

Thank for reading.


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