Are relatives always enough for everything?

4개월 전

Your life and emotions are too valuable to be used in tea and coffee conversations.
Each of us experiences ups and downs in certain periods of our lives. Relationships and projects that we have started with great hopes can stumble and stumble. It can turn into a tangle of problems.

Problems become such that we cannot see and deal with factors such as where they begin and end, and why they originate.

So when a problem arises, it draws you in so much that you get away from the logical thinking process, from looking broadly.

The intensity of emotions is so high that it becomes very difficult to get out of the effect of the event and to give meaning to what you have experienced. Most of the time, it is not possible to get out of the effects of these events without support.

Even if you leave, the person leaving is not you anymore.

Rejecting this, not accepting the support while you have the chance to get support, is in itself a proof of power. Thoughts like "I do it alone", "I can do it by myself", "I am enough" are more harmful to yourself than to help yourself.

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