Free Steem Giveaway, Motivation Nation!

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Motivation Nation,

We're giving away 1 Free Steem to 1 lucky winner as a thank you for the warm welcome to Steemit! This will be one of many contests we run here @motivators. Our goal is to be your number one resource for motivation!

2 Easy Steps to Qualify:

1. Follow us @motivators and Upvote this post

2. Comment below and share a fun fact about yourself

We want to get to know you more, and look forward to interacting with you all. As a group of entrepreneurs from New York City, our goal is to share with you our experiences and help create the most motivated community on Steemit.

Winner will be announced on this post on 2/18/18!

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Let's do this, Motivation Nation!

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CONGRATULATIONS to @andrecampbell77 on winning the Steem giveaway contest! The steem was just sent! Thank you all for participating. Looking forward to interacting with you all in the future, and seeing you back here for more contests!
comment pic.jpg

Done! Here's my fun fact: along with being an artist, I've cosplayed as The Flash at 25 different community events to date. :)


Great pic! Love the lightning bolts. That's an impressive record. Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks and no problem!

just followed you and upvoted and resteemed this post fun fact about me i can move my ears and nose


Very cool- thanks!


Very cool- thanks!

You got a 1.45% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @motivators!

Thanks @motivators. Fun Fact about myself : I love crocheting, sewing, and baking the best chocolate chips cookies. My weakness is a good cup of coffee and dark chocolates. Thanks for this contest. Cheers


Literally salivating reading about chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Thanks for stoping by!

the fun fact about me is I like making handicrafts and the travelling is my hobby, I am indonesian and thank' a lot for this contest


Traveling is great for the mind and spirit!

Fun Fact: Steemit is the ONLY social media platform I use, no twitter, no facebook ect. I'm just trying to build some steempower. Thank you have a good day.


Very nice! It's definitely my favorite platform.

Done! Fun fact about myself is that I love to cook and my specialties include Italian and French. Eat and be happy! Thanks for doing this contest :)


Very nice! Buon Appetite!

Fun Fact about me!: People actually think I'm 24 years old even though I'm just 16! Embarrassing at times but it's an asset I like!


Not embarrassing! Probably means you're mature! Thanks for stopping by.

You got a 2.16% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @motivators!

Hi, just upvoted the post and followed you. Really good content in my opinion.

Fun fact about myself: I flew a small plane through the alps when I was just 16 years old.


Thanks a lot! Appreciate you stopping by. That's very cool! Most people haven't even driven a car down the street at 16 :)

You got a 2.25% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @motivators!

About myself...well I'm now a steemit promoter, and I also cut hair for a living, found out about steemit, and was now I will stay helping the community of steemit and help others thru this Journey


Great to hear. We can help each other tremendously. It's all about support.

Soy de Venezuela, relativamente nueva en esta comunidad, me gusta mucho la naturaleza, las fotografía, me encanta la buena cocina , me gusta trabajar por la comunidad y compartir con muchos amigos. Un día iba en un bus, un niño lloraba, intente calmarlo haciendo una mueca graciosa y el niño comenzó a gritar y a llorar mas fuerte , yo muerta de vergüenza, no sabia donde dirigir la mirada. pensaba en mi interior , trágame tierra... jajaja.


Just did a quick google translate. Thanks for dropping by! :)

I think it's great what I do, at least I did not know that one of the first posts is to present to the community of steemit. It's been 3 months and I have not done it. I'm thinking about doing it because that gives you security support within the community. pagina parese me great to support the so-called dolphins that swim in a sea of whales thank you and luck to the winner.


Love the steemit meme :)

I am 32 years old but I Look like I am 18...I am short but dynamites comes in small packages right😊 and my fun fact is that it does not bother me....infact I am an outgoing sociable person who loves baking n cooking(eating the goodies more) arts n crafts, reading ....but mostly I love suprising in different and fun ways and making my hubby happy.

I am happy here, even though I just joined, did not rule out one day I can succeed here, please guidance thank you ..


Welcome- we'll keep sharing our advice and we hope it helps!